Willow Bath and Vanity

Project features
  • High competition
  • High price of the product
  • Almost no discounts
  • Difficult communication with web-developers

Advertising campaigns were launched February 2023

Website: willowbathandvanity.com

# Problems

TOP 10 of Google's organic search for the USA;
increase in website traffic;
technical site optimization;
improvement of brand reputation;
increase in conversion;

# Solutions

SEO Strategy for Luxury Bath Vanities

Project Overview

At the outset, we divided the project into two primary areas: internal and external optimization. This comprehensive approach ensures that we achieve our set goals.

Technical Optimization

Site Audit and Findings

We conducted a thorough technical audit of the online store, identifying several critical issues:

  • Slow Loading Speed: The site’s loading speed was suboptimal, with poor Core Web Vitals scores (LCP, CLS, TBT). A loading time exceeding 2-3 seconds often leads to users abandoning the site.
  • 301 Redirects: These were reducing the speed of page indexing.
  • Duplicate Pages: These can lead to indexing issues and keyword cannibalization, where multiple pages compete for the same keywords, reducing overall rankings.
  • Non-optimized Meta Tags and H1 Titles: Poorly optimized meta tags and headers reduce content quality and lower search rankings.
  • Site Display and Code Errors: Errors in the site’s code and display can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Complex Site Navigation: Difficult navigation decreases user engagement and conversion rates.

Action Plan

Based on the audit, we created a detailed technical task list for the site developer. While some issues like duplicate pages and H1 headers were addressed, many technical problems remained unresolved, hindering significant improvements in site visibility on Google. Therefore, we shifted our focus to content optimization.

Content Optimization

Competitive Analysis and Semantic Core

We started with an in-depth audit of the niche and competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. We then developed a semantic core for category and product pages, creating new meta tags and H1 titles. However, technical issues in the WordPress theme delayed their implementation.

High-Quality Content Creation

We assigned content creation tasks to professional copywriters. Each piece of content underwent a thorough review process before being approved by the client and published. Client feedback was crucial for timely approvals, payments, and adherence to project deadlines.

Off-Page Optimization

Link Building Strategy

Compared to competitors, our site had a weak link profile. We adopted a gradual approach to link building to avoid Google’s filters. Starting with a few paid links and directories, we focused on organic link building through trusted sites and directory listings. Over time, we diversified our link profile with various types of backlinks, including guest posts created with AI-generated content for better engagement.

SEO Results

Despite technical setbacks causing traffic drops, we observed steady growth in the site’s performance over 12 months.

Key Metrics

  • Traffic Increase: 52.43%
  • Revenue Increase: Nearly 88%
  • Keywords in Top Positions: According to Ahrefs, 16 keywords are in the Top 3, and 26 keywords are in the Top 10, with positions continuing to improve.
  • Referring Domains and Pages: A steady increase in referring domains and pages over the last 6 months.


The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) exceeded 9000%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategy.


Despite challenges, our comprehensive approach to SEO for luxury bath vanities has yielded significant traffic and revenue growth. Continuous improvement in both technical and content optimization, along with strategic link building, will further enhance the site’s performance.


Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager


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  • More than

    88%Revenue increase

  • More than

    52,5%Traffic increase

  • More than

    26Keywords in Top Positions

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