Main Features
  • Very limited budget
  • The website exists less than one year long
  • Few visits
  • The link profile is not developed

Advertising campaigns were launched October 2019

Website: placetoboost.com

# Problems

Increasing the number of users from Google search; technical optimization of the website; and increasing the search visibility of the site;

# Solutions

SEO Optimization for the game Destiny-2 boosting store

Our Agency started working on the Place To Boost project in October 2019. During the audit, many important factors were identified that influenced our promotion strategy:

  • the website is new enough and it consists of one page;
  • the website has a low loading speed;
  • there is almost no text content on the website;
  • meta tags and more other things were not optimized for the website.

After studying the competitors who are included in the TOP 10 results for the main key queries in this area, we decided that in order to achieve the same positions as our competitors have, we need to develop a high-quality link mass, write and publish content for all pages, and conduct a UX audit for the website. UX audit is necessary to eliminate all defects in the website design. In the whole, it was necessary to optimize the website for the Google search engine.

SEO optimization – first steps

We prepared a requirements list for the programmer on website improvements. It was necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • to increase the speed of loading of the pages on the website;
  • to configure the technical files robots.txt and sitemap.xml;
  • add category, response or blog pages to change the format of the website into a multi-page one;
  • add and use microformats on the website;
  • to optimize the process of making an order (i.e., the ID that is required for ordering the service did not appear, and during the purchase, the page that transits for PayPal payment was not quite correctly and clearly designed).

All these measures were taken to increase the user’s confidence in the company and improve the usability of the website. As a result, our activities had an effect on the fact that our website became more visible in search results.

Then We started collecting the semantic core for all products on the website. We entered meta tags for the products and the services in accordance with the obtained keywords.

Also, the text content was written and published for the priority products on the website.

After the work on on-page optimization, we started the external site optimization.  To improve the link profile, we manually found outreach links for publishing of the non-anchor links on high-quality link juices.

Results achieved during the period of 3 months

Increasing the number of users, and reducing the bounce rate:


Increasing the number of queries in TOP 10-30:


Rapid increase in the number of link juices:

At the moment, we continue to work on SEO optimization of the website.



All Positions

Google Analytics

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  • More than

    24%Increase in traffic

  • More than

    92Search queries in TOP30

  • More than

    67%Increase in session duration

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