May 2022
  • Project Features
  • Near zero traffic at the start
  • Not any keyword in TOP 30
  • B2B category in Germany

Advertising campaigns were launched May 2022

Website: diesec.com

# Problems

TOP 10 Organic Google Search in Germany; increase in site traffic; technical optimization; improving brand reputation; increase in conversions;

# Solutions

SEO for Cybersecurity Company B2B

Technical optimization:

First of all, a full technical audit of the site is carried out. As a result, errors such as:

  • slow site loading speed (long wait makes the user leave the site without waiting for the page to load)
  • low rates of Core Web Vitals (pessimize the site in search results)
  • duplicate pages (reduce the speed of indexing pages and may also affect the indexing of unwanted pages)
  • unoptimized meta tags and H1 headings (reduce the quality of the content on the page, which in turn contributes to poorer rankings)
  • 404 pages in relinking and circular links (for search engines, this is a sign of a low-quality and outdated site)
  • unconfigured canonical pages (increase the chance of duplicates)
  • site display errors and errors in the code (search engines lower the position of a site that has code errors and the interface is not user-friendly)
  • incorrect setting of the multilingual site (it entails incorrect indexing of different language versions of the site)

Based on the audit, a technical task was drawn up for the programmer to eliminate all errors. On the client side, the programmer increased the site loading speed, improved Core Web Vitals, removed duplicate pages, eliminated circular links, fixed errors in the code, set up canonical pages, and optimized the site’s multilingual settings.

For our part, we eliminated empty/duplicate Title and Description meta tags and H1 headers and added micro-markup to the main and service pages.

After the errors were removed, organic traffic increased on the site, and some key positions improved.

On-page optimization:

After working on the technical condition of the site, we started on-page optimization of the site.

First of all, we conducted an audit of the niche and competitors. This made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, as well as to find new growth points for us.

Next, we assembled a semantic core for 3 service pages. Based on it, new meta tags and H1 headings were compiled, and preparations began for filling the site with content.

We rewrote the texts on the promoted service pages using keywords from semantics. Also started filling the blog with useful articles. On the home and service pages, we added answers to frequently asked questions by parsing PPA questions in Google. Through the Hotjar service, user clicks on these questions/answers were recorded, which made it possible to conclude that users were interested in these blocks. Therefore, in the solutions, we placed the button for submitting the form. Together, this work led to an increase in the number of conversions made on the site.

In addition, placing a block with answers to the FAQ allowed us to display answers to these questions in the snippet, increasing the clickability of the snippet.

example of google search results

example of search results with FAQ block

We added micro-markup to the main page and service pages to make the snippet even more attractive to the user. The pages are marked with breadcrumbs, frequently asked questions, reviews and ratings, and site searches.

As keyword rankings and traffic began to grow noticeably on blog pages, we also decided to add conversion buttons to these pages. Thus, we lead the client through the sales funnel, thereby increasing the number of conversions.

b2b website seo optimization

conversion button example in the article

In the process of work, it became clear that it was necessary to finalize the German version of the site since we simply do not use German semantics. The German semantics was more voluminous in terms of the number of keys, and the site was better ranked by it. Therefore, it was decided to develop German semantics and pages in German as well.

As a result, a semantic core in German was assembled. Based on this semantics, the page content we promote was translated. Driving traffic to the German-language pages and tracking the audience’s interest in the content on them, we also set goals on the submission forms where the most clicks were recorded.

Off-page optimization:

The target site had a very poorly developed link profile. The only right decision was a gradual increase in the reference mass, which we began to do. We were engaged in writing and publishing guest posts, ordering crowd links, as well as registering a company on directory sites, and publishing links on social networks.

The client also had a request not only to promote the company’s services but also to help in hiring qualified employees. Therefore, we started promoting the brand of the company on the Internet.

We have registered brands on various directory sites and have begun to build up testimonials from famous and former faces. Thus, we have increased the interest of the company from potential applicants for current and future vacancies. Therefore, we registered the company on review sites on behalf of employees.


According to Google Analytics, in 6 months of work, the following results were achieved:


b2b seo optimization results

Comparing the first and last month, you can see that the number of users grew by 89.39%, the number of new users by 96.15%, the version conversion rate by 657.76%, and the number of goals achieved by 1.100%.

The cumulative conversion rate growth over the growth period is 2.72%.

Positions in the TOPs:

b2b seo top 10 positions


The TOP 3 positions 16 included words, and the TOP 10 positions 26 keywords, according to the Ahrefs tool.

Link weight:

b2b seo link weight

You can see the gradual growth of the original domains and pages, according to the Ahrefs tool.



Google Analytics

Google My Business

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  • More than

    89%Traffic increase

  • More than

    2,72%Conversion rate increase

  • More than

    26Keywords in TOP 10

  • More than

    170Amount of links increase

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