USA, Canada
Project fearures:
  • Low website ranking;
  • Lack of backlinks;
  • Lack of technical SEO optimization;

Advertising campaigns were launched January 2023


# Problems

technical website optimization;
improve website visibility on search results;
get more relevant traffic;
increase total amount of conversions;

# Solutions

SEO promotion for wallpaper shop

CostaCover is a family business specializing in the development and creation of self-adhesive wallpaper – peel-and-stick wallpaper. The company offers unique and stylish wallpaper designs that can be easily stuck to walls without the use of glue. SEO promotion has to generate more sales and traffic on its website.

Work on the SEO promotion of the project started with the following indicators:

  1. Visits to the site for December 2022 for a full month from the organic channel – 190 users. The number of keywords for which the site is ranked is 1081:

2. About 25 domains link to DR of the site is 2:

Stages of comprehensive SEO site promotion

Technical SEO-audit of the site

Initially, we carried out a comprehensive technical SEO audit of the website. Our goal was to uncover any technical glitches or errors that might impact how easily the site shows up on search engines. We also put together a list of suggestions for smoothly transitioning the site to a fresh Shopify theme. Using these findings, we created a detailed set of tasks for our programmers. Their job was to address and fix all the problems we identified.

Here are a few examples of the issues we found:

  1. slow site loading speed
  2. presence of duplicate pages
  3. The robots.txt file is not correct
  4. non-optimized images
  5. missing or duplicate meta tags
  6. circular and internal links
  7. use of H1-H6 tags in the layout of the site
  8. lack of micromarking
  9. broken links, etc.

Collecting Semantic Core and Analyzing Site Structure

We gathered a range of keywords, selecting those relevant to our promotional targets. Our main aim was to zero in on keywords with low competition (KD) and high frequency within the niche. We also worked on identifying any keywords that were missing from our existing landing pages.

To enhance search engine optimization, we examined the site’s structure. This allowed us to fine-tune it, identify key product categories, and enhance the overall user experience.

Crafting Fresh Meta Tags and Content Generation

We meticulously optimized every single page on the site, ensuring keywords were strategically placed in headings, subheadings, meta tags, and page content. We also created new, informative content designed to engage our target audience. These efforts resulted in improved optimization for each page and increased relevance for search queries.

Here’s a rundown of the tasks completed during this phase:

  • Developing and implementing unique meta tags in line with the updated semantic core of the site.
  • Crafting H1 headings based on the semantic core data we’d collected to ensure optimum content and keyword alignment.
  • Producing top-quality, unique content, which included recovering lost key phrases to enrich page information and boost their relevance.
  • Submitting pages for search engine indexing and consistently monitoring indicators to gauge the effectiveness of our promotion strategy and making necessary adjustments.

Analyzing Competitors for SEO Insights

We delved into a comprehensive analysis of competitors within the self-adhesive wallpaper production sector. This allowed us to pinpoint potential avenues for expanding the site’s structure and introducing new collections. Ultimately, these actions will heighten the site’s visibility and competitive edge.

Leveraging insights from our competitor analysis, we introduced new subcategories based on wallpaper colors. We also optimized existing subcategories to enhance site navigation and broaden the range of search queries through which the site can be located.

The following are examples of keywords with which we managed to expand the semantic core to create new collections not previously used on the site:

Developing a Robust Link Building Approach

We meticulously crafted a robust link building strategy for, recognizing the site’s current lack of external links. The primary objective was to enhance the site’s credibility and significance in the eyes of search engines.

Our focus was on securing article links from donor domains with high authority rankings and minimal spam presence. In addition to these article links, we tapped into crowdsourced links originating from forums boasting a domain authority (DR) of at least 30. This dual approach broadened our sources of external links and bolstered the search engines’ confidence in

Our strategy is designed to incrementally bolster the count of external links, all the while steering clear of any potential penalties from search engines. A pivotal aspect of this link building plan is its organic nature, aimed at acquiring links in a natural manner. All articles and crowdsourced links were procured from reputable and pertinent websites, ensuring they aligned with the site’s geographical focus and relevant subject matter. This adherence to quality and relevance facilitated an authentic and unforced acquisition process.

To provide you with an example, here’s an illustration of an article link:

Cword link example:

Generating Information Requests

We consistently released blog articles featuring informative keywords to draw in specific traffic and enhance our presence within search queries. Moreover, we revamped outdated articles that were experiencing dwindling traffic to ensure the content remained current. This approach enabled us to capture the attention of potential customers seeking insights into self-adhesive wallpaper. Consequently, these individuals had the potential to transform into valuable CostaCover customers.

Here’s a snapshot of a blog article as an illustration:

Results of SEO promotion of the site

As a result, the following results were achieved during 7 months of work on the project:

  1. 156% increase in organic traffic.
  2. 125% increase in transaction rate
  3. 400% increase in the number of transactions
  4. 682% increase in income

  • The increase in the visibility of the site in the Google search engine: the number of keywords for which the site ranks – 2968. At the beginning of promotion – 1081. It was possible to display – 61 keys in the top TOP 1-3, in the TOP 4-10 – 20 keys, in the TOP 11- 20 – 355 keys, TOP 21-50 – 902 keys, Top 51+ – 543 keys.

An increase in the main quality indicator of the DR site and an increase in referral mass. (At the beginning of work with the project, the site had about 25 donor domains. The DR of the site was 2):

Marketing indicators

  1. CPC in January was $2.3 per click, in July: $0.9. SRS decreased by 61%.
  2. CPA in January was $1.9 per completed goal, in July: $0.8. CPA decreased by 58%.
  3. ROI in January was -17%, in July: +547%

The site’s promotion remains ongoing, with the SEO team persistently dedicated to enhancing the site’s ranking, drawing in fresh customers, and amplifying its online visibility.


Google Analytics


Google Search Console

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  • More than

    156%Organic traffic increase

  • More than

    400%Sales increase

  • More than

    682%Revenue increase

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