Features of the project
  • Low traffic
  • Weak link profile
  • Competitive topics

Advertising campaigns were launched July 2020

Website: organic-market.com.ua

# Problems

Achieving a TOP-10 position in the Google search engine, increasing traffic to the website, technical optimization of the website, increasing conversions.

# Solutions

Work on the project started in July 2020. When conducting an audit on the website, the following problems were found:

  • no XML sitemap for images and HTML sitemap;
  • missing of title attribute for all images;
  • filter pages are closed from indexing and do not have friendly URL links;
  • presence of cyclical internal links;
  • pages with a 404 server response.

Due to the fact that the website “moved” from the OpenCart platform to the Khoroshop platform, problems arose. After the move, all the pages changed links, and the texts on the category pages disappeared, so it was decided to upload this data from the WebArchive service. Then we set up 301 redirects from all the pages of the old version of the website and moved all the texts that were on the category pages on the old version of the website. The analysis of competitors in this niche was also carried out. It became clear that in addition to correcting errors on the website, you need to increase the number of entry points by opening the filter pages for indexing and refining the website structure. Build a semantic core, add text content to category pages, optimize meta tags for the collected semantics, optimize Google Business and increase the quality of the link mass.


Work was performed in communication with the developers of the platform Horoscop on elimination of technical errors. Because the website is on the platform Horoscop, managed to achieve a correct only part of the error, namely:

  • title attributes were added for all images;
  • the filter pages were opened for indexing, friendly URL links were configured on them, H1 headers and meta tags were changed, and unique text content was added;
  • micro-markup is implemented;
  • characteristics to product cards are added;
  • website structure is expanded
  • Ukrainian version of the website has been implemented
  • all pages with 404 server response are fixed

These fixes were necessary to improve the usability and increase the visibility of the website in the search network.


After internal optimization, we started working with external optimization. As planned, we started placing links on external trust resources, purchasing forum links and links from social networks, and adding products to Google Business.

Results achieved in 3 months:

In comparison with the period before the start of SEO work, there is an increase in the number of users, sessions, an increase in the number of transactions and revenue:

Growth in the number of requests in the TOP 3, 10, 30:

25 best shopify web design

Positive dynamics of the growth of reference donors:




Google Analytics

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  • More than

    6711%Sessions increase

  • More than

    4713%Increase in new users

  • More than

    100%Increasing the number of transactions

  • More than

    100%Increase in revenue

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