Project issues:
  • Low website traffic;
  • New website, that was created in 2022;
  • Lack of DR domain;

Advertising campaigns were launched September 2022

Website: customerization.ca

# Problems

Website promotion in Google organic search; Getting the website into the top 3 and top 10 for specific search queries; Increasing the amount of traffic to the website.

# Solutions

SEO optimiaztion for SMB Automation Platform in Canada

Zoho, one of the world’s most popular SMB automation platforms, was approached by Customerization, a Canadian company that helps small and medium businesses automate their business processes using technology. Their primary focus was on Zoho products and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Our main task was to optimize and develop their website in order to improve visibility in organic search and drive traffic.


The site was launched in February 2022, and at the start of our work, we encountered a few challenges:

  1. Low Domain Rating (DR), indicating a weaker backlink profile compared to other websites.
  2. An underdeveloped link profile.
  3. Low and inconsistent organic traffic.

Successful website promotion in search engines requires technical optimization, which is the foundation of this process.

This crucial step helped us improve the quality of the site in the eyes of search engines and ensured higher positions in the search results, ultimately leading to increased organic traffic and SEO success.

Therefore, we conducted a technical audit of the site at the start and identified a number of errors, such as slow site loading speed, pages with 3xx and 4xx codes, duplicate pages, circular links, and others.

After the site audit, we developed detailed terms of reference for the programmer. This included eliminating the errors on the site, as well as adding microdata, among other things.

Together with the developer, we discussed each item and gradually eliminated all errors.


The next crucial stage was compiling the semantic core of queries. Keywords in the semantic core were used in the texts on the site, in tags and links, to achieve better visibility of the site in the search.

To select relevant keywords, we used several services and analyzed the semantics of competitors.

We created and implemented meta tags based on semantics, as well as interesting and relevant blog topics for the user.

The site had a poorly developed link profile, so we began building up the link mass of the site gradually. We used various methods, such as guest posting, link crowding, and directory listings, to increase the number of links leading to the site.

During the work, Customerization participated in a state grant to help small and medium-sized businesses in digitalization, becoming an official advisor. As a result, we decided to create an additional page on the site, taking all recommendations for optimization into account.


As a result of our SEO optimization efforts, we increased the number of requests in the TOP-3, -10, and -30 for the entire promotion period.

Priorities for the client included site categories such as participation in government grant programs and keywords for Zoho CRM, Consulting, and Zoho One. The screenshot only displays a portion of the queries, but it is an essential component of the keyword cloud for priority pages.

Growth organic traffic:

In conclusion, the key to our positive result in developing the site was teamwork with the client. Cooperation, coordination of efforts, and constant interaction between us made it possible to achieve such results. We are confident that with our mutual enthusiasm and diligence, we can achieve even greater positive results. To be continued…



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  • More than

    50%Organic traffic increase

  • More than

    37%Website visibility

  • More than

    26search queries in TOP-3

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