Project features:
  • Luxury market with high prices;
  • Almost no discounts for clietns;
  • Showrooms in one state only;

Advertising campaigns were launched January 2023

Website: willowbathandvanity.com

# Problems

Increase number of sales from PPC channel;
Increase visibility in the market;
Increase positions on Google search results;

# Solutions

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

The client approached us in early 2023 with a request to boost sales via social media, enhance market visibility, particularly in the state where their showrooms are located, and improve their Google search rankings.

The company operates in the US market and boasts two brick-and-mortar showrooms in Georgia.

Willowbathandvanity specializes in manufacturing and selling premium bathroom vanities, ranging in price from $750 to $4,550. Their cabinets come with options for one or two washbasins, or without, and their website offers customization choices for covers, sinks, and faucet configurations for each model.

Upon commencing our partnership, the client had already set up a Google Ads account and initiated a branded search campaign and a local company campaign in Performance Max format. Unfortunately, these efforts didn’t yield the desired conversions, and the action conversion to purchase wasn’t effective.

After conducting a thorough audit of the Google Ads account, we identified the necessary changes and got to work. Our approach included:

  1. Search Brand Campaign (Competitive Brand Name):
  • Targeting the brand’s home state initially, then gradually expanding to individual cities and states based on performance metrics from the past 2-3 months in Google Analytics reports. To minimize spending during the conversion location search phase, we targeted the most affluent ZIP codes in the state. Once these areas started generating consistent conversions, we expanded to cover the entire state.
  • We compiled a list of conversion search terms spanning the entire period and used them to develop new campaign semantics. Initially, the searches mainly revolved around variations of the client’s name. As the brand gained recognition, people began searching for specific collection names, which we also incorporated into the semantic core.

2. Remarketing:

We launched display ads targeting visitors and cart additions from the past 1, 2, 3, and 7 days, segmented into separate ad groups for better cost and performance management. Additionally, we implemented a manual bidding strategy.

3. Local Campaigns:

  • We deployed new Performance Max campaigns targeting both showroom locations—specifically, the city and a 10-mile radius around each showroom. We also included major cities in the state nearest to the showrooms but not within the radius. In search and shopping campaigns, these locations were added to exclusions to prioritize local traffic.
  • Audience Signals were enhanced by integrating Buyers from GA4 data, providing the system with insights into our target audience and popular search trends in our niche.
  • CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities


4. Performance Max:

Performance Max for low-converting products, which in 3 months brought 1-2 sales conversions and without objects (ie, like usual shopping).

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

The results of work after a year of working with the client in comparison with the same period last year, as well as overall statistics for the year:

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

Advertising on META Platforms (formerly Facebook) for Online Store

Building upon our solid sales performance on Google Ads, we crafted a comprehensive promotional strategy for other advertising networks. With client approval, we commenced advertising on Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest.

For Meta (formerly Facebook), we opted for the following tools:

  1. Advantage+ (currently the most effective campaign type)
  2. Dynamic remarketing to visitors and those who added items to their cart within the past 7 days
  3. Trade campaigns targeting specific interests
  4. Campaigns utilizing Look-alike audiences

Initially, we launched an interest-based campaign. This involved precise targeting based on furniture-related interests and broader interests in furniture with household income restrictions. Similar customization parameters were applied to catalog and video/banner campaigns.

While we observed initial sales, the cost per order remained prohibitively high. Consequently, we decided to pivot our strategy and launched an Advantage+ campaign based on sales data.

This strategic shift yielded remarkable results, boosting the number of Meta/Facebook-associated orders by over 200% while maintaining the same advertising expenditure.

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

Results for 4 months of campaigns (November-December – without Advantage+, January-February – switching to Advantage+):

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

Advertising on TikTok for Online Store

Initially, TikTok’s algorithms took some time to yield results, requiring approximately 2 months of training. However, once optimized, this advertising platform excelled in generating conversions associated with TikTok, boasting a low cost per acquisition (CPA).

Our initial strategies included:

  1. Dynamic remarketing
  2. Catalog sales targeting specific demographics, which was later halted based on analytics indicating that visitors aged 25-44 with interests in technology, sports, and skincare were more responsive.

Results after 5 months of implementation:

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

Now with TikTok, we have a sale conversion almost every day, and the ROAS for a month is more than 6000% on average.

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities

Advertising for Online Store on Pinterest

Our Pinterest advertising strategy focuses on Conversion campaigns. Each ad group promotes a pin featuring a high-converting product, determined by insights gleaned from Google Analytics data over the past 2-3 months.

At the end of each month, we retire current ad groups and launch new ones featuring other pins showcasing converting products.

A key tactic involves targeting interests related to “Design” and “Home Decor,” along with incorporating specific product keywords for each advertised item.

Our campaign objectives include:

  1. Conversion goal campaigns targeting similar audiences to those engaging with our top-performing pins.
  2. Catalog sales and remarketing efforts aimed at visitors and individuals who have added items to their cart within the past month.
  3. Automated catalog sales campaigns promoting product collections generated by Pinterest.

In January and February, we encountered technical difficulties with Pinterest, impacting our ability to track and optimize campaigns effectively. As a result, we significantly reduced the number of advertising campaigns and allocated budget until these technical issues were resolved. Following the resolution of these problems, we resumed our advertising campaigns.

CPC advertising for luxury bath vanities 

Summing up the work with the client for the year, we have good results and a positive trend in scaling:

Promotion in 4 advertising networks and a significant increase in the recognition of the client in the market;
From 0 profit in Jan 2023 to ROAS 2063% in CPC channel in Jan 2024.


Google Ads

GA 4

Google Merchant Center

META ads

Pinterest ads

Google Tag Manager

TikTok ads

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  • More than

    2063%ROAS for cpc

  • More than

    200%Increase in sales

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