Project features
  • New brand on ukrainian market
  • High competition

Advertising campaigns were launched June 2023

Website: radburg.com.ua

# Problems

Increase online sales

# Solutions

CPC advertising for tires online shop

Client – an online tire shop. The Ukrainian distributor of the largest manufacturer of retread (recapped) and new tires Radburg in Eastern Europe. Offer – high-quality retread tires at relatively low prices. Goal – Increase internet orders.

In June, representatives of the store approached us for Google Ads setup. The website is essentially brand new. The brand was practically nonexistent in the Ukrainian market (except perhaps for some gray imports in small batches). So, we had to build the advertising campaign structure from scratch, taking into account the demand and needs of the market.

The first step was to create a merchant center and shopping campaigns. It was decided to initially launch Performance Max campaigns for summer and all-season tires (including a large assortment of AT and MT tires) only with the shopping function. Concurrently, a pure shopping campaign with low bids was launched for cases when PMax campaigns do not have enough budget for the day, as well as for negative keywords refinement. Work was also done to optimize headlines, descriptions, and product brands in the merchant center to bring them to a standardized appearance, as initially, some of the information was not added to the website. Additionally, the most popular products from advertising data in other countries where the brand has been represented for some time were used as the basis for quick selection.

CPC advertising for tires online shop

The second stage was the launch of remarketing campaigns targeting users with short-term presence in the audience, as the tire market tends to make decisions within 3 days (longer periods are more of an exception than a rule).

The third stage was the launch of search campaigns for retread tires (initially – the main range of products) and dynamic search campaigns based on the product feed.

CPC advertising for tires online shop

During the first month, all types of campaigns from the specified stages were set up, and statistics were collected for further campaign structure creation based on results (CRA and ROAS) and market trends.

As a result of the first month, it was possible to highlight best-selling products and identify certain patterns in the types of products in demand. It was decided to divide the products based on performance + season. This structure allowed for more flexible management of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and successful products. Additionally, media campaigns were launched to increase brand awareness + brand campaign, as the brand itself was relatively unknown in Ukraine at that time, but after the first month, competitors’ advertising/wholesale buyers of the brand began to appear. The advertising range of products was expanded to those that were advertised for most of the first month.

Considering that August-September 2023 in Ukraine were warm months, advertising for winter tires was launched at the end of the first third of September. As statistics showed, demand for winter tires changed significantly only in mid-October.

CPC advertising for tires online shop

The overall trend of indicators growth (results of the fourth month compared to the first): Revenue – +333% Number of orders – +473%


Google Ads

GA 4

Google Merchant Center


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  • More than

    333%Increase in revenue

  • More than

    470%Sales growth

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