Online store of gadgets and other exciting stuff

Main features:
  • High cost per click for cheap products
  • High level of competition for top products
  • There are many products that users do not search for or do not know about them at all

Advertising campaigns were launched April 2018


# Problems

Increase in the number of sales; Reduction of the cost of attracting customers; the desired ROAS is not less than 300%.

# Solutions

First of all, there was an analysis carried out of the customer’s advertising account and its effectiveness, of advertising campaigns launched. Some bugs and errors were found in the settings which we fixed on the very first day of work. In addition, we have corrected and changed the advertising banners in the Google Display Network for dynamic remarketing during the first couple of days.

The next step was to launch search advertising for products that were in the top sold by the store, as well as add all the products that, according to the uploaded statistics, were already sold within campaigns launched earlier. Together with them, more campaigns were launched on product categories that are profitable in terms of margin, products with an average session cost of more than UAH 5, a DSA campaign and search remarketing.

Then we have carried out optimization of running campaigns by disabling product groups without transactions, uploading data by GEO and excluding costly cities and regions. We would like to note that the main feature of this online store is that Google Analytics uses the Measurement Protocol to download data directly from the database with a net profit, so the account optimization was the most accurate.

Scripts were set to disable ads for products that are out of stock, as well as to dynamically pull the price into the ad title. Thus, we began to spend less money on advertising goods that are out of stock and show the price of the goods before going to the site, so that a person goes to the product page consciously or does not click ads if this product seemed expensive to him/her.

After 2 months of work, we started to achieve acceptable results. They have also significantly expanded and broken down audiences by day for dynamic remarketing in the Google Display Network.

After 4 months, the site was transferred to the SSL protocol, all the necessary work has been done to set up the site and we have had a chance to launch Google Shopping.  After the launch of Google Shopping and its optimization by products and categories, optimization of the schedule and stopping advertising during off hours, the account started showing very good results.  After successful adjustment and excellent results shown within DSA and Shopping campaigns, it has been decided to change the bidding strategy to ROAS targeting.

Finally, constant testing of audiences, settings, bidding strategies has been carried out for the account.


Google Ads

Google Shopping

Facebook Ads

Dynamic Retargeting


Google Data Studio

Criteo Programmatic

Google Analytics

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  • More than

    535%Traffic increase

  • More than

    154%Ecommerce Conversion Rate increase

  • More than

    101%ROAS increase

Victor Ponkratov CEO at

UAATEAM increased ROAS and traffic on platforms. Their team was very engaged. The process was effective.

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