Italian Vintage Wholesale

Project features:
  • Competitive B2B market
  • Very specific audience
  • Many seasonal spikes

Advertising campaigns were launched September 2023


# Problems

Keep the current ROAS;
Enter new markets without reducing efficiency;

# Solutions

PPC advertising for B2B Second-Hand store

Italian Vintage Wholesale specializes in vintage and branded clothing, serving the B2B market as its primary focus. Our agency has been approached with the opportunity to enhance existing advertising campaigns and develop new ones. The primary objective is to boost revenue and sales volume while effectively managing the allocated budget.

Facebook Ads for Second-Hand store

Initially, our focus was on swiftly optimizing the Facebook Ads account, given its larger budget compared to Google Ads when we commenced our collaboration. Nearly a third of the campaigns were simply amalgamating budgets, yielding significantly lower efficiency rates than our predefined KPIs. Consequently, some campaigns were halted, while others were fine-tuned by integrating audiences proven successful for other businesses, eliminating inefficient countries, and deactivating underperforming ads. This strategic approach paved the way for the subsequent phase.

With over two years’ worth of account data at our disposal, the second stage involved an exhaustive analysis spanning the entire duration of activity, the past six months, and the most recent month. We identified seasonal fluctuations, spikes attributable to other advertising endeavors, and specific product groups exhibiting notably high or low efficacy. Moreover, we meticulously compiled a roster of countries demonstrating high efficiency yet not yet incorporated into our targeting strategy, earmarking them for future testing purposes.

Moving forward, we delved into the realm of product groups, encompassing items with top-tier efficiency, standard performers, and new additions. Following the enhancement of the product feed, we meticulously categorized them by brands for better organization.

Furthermore, we conducted a thorough analysis of creatives, identifying the most engaging ones both during the promotional phase and those sustaining continual effectiveness.


To pinpoint the optimal settings, we embarked on testing various types of advertising campaigns. This included trials of Conversions on the website utilizing standard ads, Sale of goods from the catalog employing targeting and remarketing strategies, Advantage+ campaigns featuring both standard and product ads, alongside numerous other permutations and combinations.


We conducted separate tests on bidding strategies, exploring avenues like optimizing the number of conversions and target cost per conversion. This endeavor allowed us to unearth optimal solutions, even for products that initially fell short of the predefined KPIs.


Facebook Ads campaigns optimization results:

  • ROAS +119%
  • Sales increase +47%
  • Cost per transaction decreased by -51%

In summary, after five months of concerted effort, we achieved a twofold enhancement across all metrics. Notably, during discount and promotional periods, we observed a surge in indicators, albeit followed by a subsequent decline in post-marketing activities, a trend that aligns with expectations. This case exemplifies how a thorough analysis and optimization strategy can effectively double performance without necessitating a budget increase.

Google Ads for B2B Second-Hand store

We used an almost similar approach in Google Ads:

  1. Optimizing existing campaigns based on the latest data
  2. Analysis of the account for different periods of time
  3. Identifying products/brands with high advertising effectiveness
  4. Analysis of products sold through organic search
  5. Geotargeting and organic traffic country analysis
  6. Creation of product groups based on analysis
  7. Adjustment of geotargetingOptimization of ad materials
  8. Product feed optimization
  9. Adjusting campaign settings

Upon analyzing the account, it became evident that seasonality plays a significant role, particularly in regions with pronounced climate variations. For instance, varying seasonal clothing sells at distinct prices and during specific periods dictated by climate conditions. This underscores the importance of factoring in seasonal shifts when strategizing marketing campaigns.


We placed particular emphasis on refining our rate-setting strategies by incorporating audience signals and enhancing conversion tracking. This proactive approach yielded tangible results, with efficiency improvements noticeable within just two months and a nearly fifty percent enhancement in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Furthermore, as a result of a shift in the client’s strategy within certain longstanding markets, we made a deliberate choice to forego some previously effective traffic, including both conversion and branded traffic. Nonetheless, this strategic decision did not impede our growth in other markets.

Additionally, at the client’s request and in response to low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in certain countries, we implemented geotargeting adjustments to optimize campaign performance.

Google Ads campaigns optimization results:

  • ROAS +48%
  • Revenue +7%
  • Budget – 28%
  • Cost per transaction -27%

In conclusion, a meticulously crafted plan and its systematic execution resulted in a significant reduction in account expenses, nearly 30%, while sustaining sales volume. Moreover, we achieved a notable 28% decrease in conversion cost and a 50% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Analytics 4

Google Merchant Center

Google Tag Manager

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