Europe, Ukraine
Project features:
  • Creating creatives on different languages according to location;
  • Limited budget for wide geotargeting;
  • High competition;

Advertising campaigns were launched March 2023

Website: avtovoz.in.ua

# Problems

creation of advertising campaigns from scratch;
Increasing the number of targeted leads interested in car delivery across Ukraine;
Attraction of potential customers from EU countries;
Scaling results in the high season (spring-summer) for the most effective locations;

# Solutions

CPC advertising for car transportation service

avtovoz.in.ua offers the expertise of a seasoned team of drivers boasting over 20 years of experience, in close collaboration with major car dealers and importers. Our company specializes in car transportation services across Ukraine and beyond its borders. Our fleet comprises four large car transporters capable of carrying up to eight vehicles each, along with tow trucks designed for transporting one to two cars. We also extend a special offer for transporting cars from Europe to Ukraine.

After thorough discussions with our client to understand the target audience, we’ve determined that our advertising campaigns aim to reach potential customers who require car transportation services within Ukraine, as well as to and from neighboring countries including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Additionally, we target Ukrainians currently residing abroad who need to transport their vehicles back home due to unexpected relocation, particularly those who moved in early 2022.

Given the absence of prior advertising experience, we analyzed service demand using Google Trends. Our findings revealed a notable seasonality, with peak demand observed from March through October, followed by a decline in interest throughout the autumn and winter months.

CPC advertising for car transportation service

CPC advertising strategy for car transportation service

The business strategy comprised several key stages:

  1. Preparation for Advertising Campaign Launch

    We established primary accounts for traffic collection and analysis on the website, including Google Ads, Google Analytics (currently unavailable), Google Analytics 4, and GTM. We configured monitoring for key events and conversions on the site, such as form submissions and clicks on contact information.

  2. Setup and Execution of Google Ads Campaigns

    During this phase, we meticulously selected keywords and negative keywords for our Search campaigns and initiated their launch. Two separate Search campaigns were configured with tailored keywords and ads in both Ukrainian and Russian languages. Due to budget constraints, we prioritized testing the effectiveness of Search campaigns in select countries, namely Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

    We conducted daily checks on search queries and updated our negative keyword lists to ensure targeted impressions and optimize our advertising budget.

  3. Performance Analysis

    By the end of the initial month, we began analyzing our campaign’s performance. Our efforts yielded promising results: we generated 64 leads from website form submissions and 23 leads from phone calls.

    CPC advertising for car transportation service

The conversion price within Ukraine stood at UAH 167.82, while in Germany, it proved to be the most expensive, surpassing UAH 500 per lead. It’s important to recognize that European traffic comes at a higher cost compared to Ukrainian traffic. For instance, the average cost per click in the aforementioned countries averaged UAH 12.05, whereas in Ukrainian cities, it remained below UAH 6.06.

Although we achieved a commendable outcome, our objective was to boost the number of conversions while reducing their average cost. Consequently, we optimized our current campaigns based on active locations, devices, and campaign schedules.

By the fourth month of operation, the cost of conversion within Ukraine had nearly tripled to UAH 58.92 (approximately $1.50):

CPC advertising for car transportation service

Compared to the first month of operation, the average cost of conversion in the EU (Poland, Germany, Baltic states) decreased to UAH 101.85 ($2.68). If we compare the price for a lead in Germany, the price per conversion decreased by 78% to UAH 122.91 ($3.23).
CPC advertising for car transportation service

The total number of conversions increased more than three times – 205 leads.

  1. Scaling and Refining Results

Over the next three months, we dedicated our efforts to enhancing our outcomes. We conducted test launches of new Search campaigns with geotargeting in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland, targeting 2-3 European countries in each campaign. To accommodate multilingual audiences, we added language variations to all campaigns. Despite experiencing higher conversion costs in some areas, we strategically excluded expensive and inefficient cities or countries.

Conclusion of Work

Throughout nearly seven months of operation, we successfully attracted 1,279 leads from various countries. However, our analysis revealed that the top five geographical regions yielded the most effective results. Consequently, we decided to deactivate less effective campaigns and concentrate solely on locations with high conversion rates.

CPC advertising for car transportation service


As anticipated, the demand for truck transport services began to wane in the autumn months. In collaboration with the client, we mutually agreed to pause campaigns in mid-October and take a winter hiatus.


Google Ads

GA 4

Google Trends

Google Tag Manager

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