25 best website design examples for Shopify which converts

Are you looking for inspiration when designing your online store? Although there are many websites, many of them look and feel alike especially when you look at e-commerce websites.

It’s tempting not to be creative or to focus on the conversions but the best websites design strike the perfect balance between functionality and creativity.

These “Best Web Design” lists often include websites that are not only visually stunning but also slow and serve one purpose. We wanted to change the rules a bit. Our list will only include functional, beautiful websites that support successful businesses. These sites inspire on both the fundamentals and the flourish and they are equally easy to use.

Websites that are both creative and well-designed will power your business.

1. Magic Spoon

  • Category: Food & Beverage

25 best shopify design that converts

Magic Spoon’s flashy homepage feels almost like magic. You’ll be so taken with the design that you will forget you’re actually shopping for cereal. Magic Spoon is proof positive there are no boring products or boring brands. They continue to impress with illustrated packaging that features a vibrant color palette and charming details behind each click. Bran flakes, you can eat your heart’s content.

Magic Spoon: Why Magic Spoon converts

Orbit Media’s Web Design Standards shows that 80% of brands include a value proposition on their homepage. (We also refer to this as “above the fold,” which is the area of the screen the user sees before scrolling further down). Magic Spoon’s value proposition is “Healthy cereal that sounds too good to be true.” It is simple and direct, but it has a powerful impact. It sells healthy, delicious cereal. This is a significant difference since many healthy cereals taste bland and are often loaded with sugar.

2. Tweet

  • Category: Skincare

best shopify design converts

Meow Meow Tweet offers organic vegan skincare products that are low-waste. The brand’s website features simple product photography with fun illustrations and copy. The brand’s website also features fun content on product pages that educates shoppers about the products, their conscious design, and how to use them.

How to convert a Tweet from Meow Meow

Meow Meow Tweet makes shopping easy online and in-person. You will find a section of the main navigation that is dedicated to helping you locate its products. This page allows users to browse both physical and online locations around the globe.

3. Velasca

  • Category: Accessories, apparel, footwear and other accessories

best shopify web designs

Velasca sells Italian-made footwear and belts, as well as wallets, socks, and bags. The website reflects the humble but sophisticated customer it targets. You will find many photos of aspirational lifestyles if you scroll down. Animations add flair and approachability to the design. They also offer a little bit of interactivity to keep it interesting. It is both serious and fun.

Why Velasca converts?

Velasca shows others what Velasca has said about its products and brand. The homepage of Velasca features a quote from, praising Velasca and logos of prominent publications that have written about it. This lends credibility to Velasca’s claims regarding its products and builds trust with potential buyers. Velasca includes customer testimonials to demonstrate a diversity of voices.


4. Knowell

  • Category: Wellness and health

25 best shopify web designs

Knowell’s primary visual identity is the smiley face. You’ll find it all over their website in graphic illustrations. You can also see the words transform into smile shapes by hovering over the navigation bar at top. Although Knowell’s branding and website are fun and playful, the brand’s website is clean and simple. The Knowell website is both beautiful to look at and engaging to engage with. It has a balanced mix of photography, illustration, text and color blocks.

Why Knowell converts?

Knowell uses consistent graphic design to indicate clickability and buttons. CTA buttons appear to be shaped like a smile when they are activated. However, CTA “buttons” are actually arrows.

25 best shopify web designs

Knowell uses this design approach to train website visitors how to click on arrows. The arrow becomes larger once they reach the product page. There is also a large Buy Now button.

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5. Allbirds

  • Category: Footwear, apparel

25 best shopify designs that converts

Allbirds sells shoes but its website has more than footwear. You will find inspirational stories about sustainability, high-quality photography, curated product lines, a store locator, and inspiring stories throughout. Even if you aren’t actively looking for shoes, Allbirds’ dedication to quality and attention to detail will appeal to you.

Allbirds converts

It’s becoming increasingly important for consumers to demonstrate how and why their brand is sustainable, as they are more inclined to environmentally conscious buying habits. Allbirds offers a glimpse into the manufacturing process of its sneakers. On its homepage, a visually appealing teaser video is displayed. A click will take users to a page which shows the manufacturing process. This page also includes information about its Forest Stewardship Council certification.

6. Gymshark

  • Category: Apparel

25 shopify designs that converts

Gymshark’s website showcases its athletic apparel in a clean and professional manner. Gymshark offers more than clothing. It helps customers achieve their maximum potential and maximize their fitness potential. The digital fabric swatch is included with the lifestyle photos to highlight the details in the clothing’s design.

Why Gymshark converts?

Gymshark is a global company that sells to a large audience. It knows it must be able to accept a variety of payment options and ensure compliance. Klarna is one payment option that it offers. Klarna, a secure and direct payment option for Shopify Payments merchants in Austria and Germany, offers several payment options. Clearpay, Afterpay, gift cards, discounts for students, Clearpay and Clearpay are all available.

7. Keap

  • Category: Candles

25 besy shopify design examples

Keap might seem like a website for outdoor photographers at first glance. The website is simple and elegantly designed with an emphasis on nature-inspired imagery. Keap sells candles made from sustainably harvested woods and scents that are inspired by the natural world. It also has a Approach Page, which takes you behind the scenes in a beautifully executed video to show how the candles are made.

Why Keap converts?

The Keap website’s copy is as captivating as its imagery. The homepage’s main CTA button states, “Start your fragrance journey.” This is in contrast to generic options like “Explore products” and “View candles.” It also uses language that complements the imagery. It nods to the user’s journey when they visit the website and view the stunning photos. Users will also think Keap’s candles are a similar engaging journey, and those who are interested will likely make a purchase.

8. Harper Wilde

  • Intimate clothing

25 best shopify designs

Harper Wilde’s bold fonts reflect its striking branding. It aims to challenge the status-quo in selling bras for women. Harper Wilde doesn’t use pink or sparkles, and instead of displaying models with perfect Photoshop work, its products are displayed on women of all shapes and colors. The site also offers an online measuring guide that will help customers find the right size.

Why Harper Wilde converts?

Harper Wilde is a brand that doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what is right. It has used corporate social responsibility (CSR), a branding strategy, and current events as a tool for conversion. It launched a limited edition bra that expresses its opinions about Texas’ abortion laws and donates to causes related to them.

9. Endy

  • Category: Mattresses

25 best design examples shopify

Endy is bolder than most other mattress and sleep-related brands. Canada-based mattress retailer e-tailer, Endy, uses the industry-standard color blue, but adds bright pink headlines and CTA buttons. Clicking over to the product pages allows users to get up close and personal with the product. There are animated GIFs, detailed images and videos that highlight the best features. Endy should not be underestimated by competitors.

Why Endy converts?

According to Orbit Media’s web design standards, nearly a quarter (25%) of eCommerce websites have an email signup section in their footer. Endy is one. Users are prompted to sign up by a bright pink block at the bottom of this page.

10. Guava

  • Category: Baby gear and child gear
  • We caught our attention: TK
  • Final verdict:

25 best shopify design

Guava’s website is very engaging, especially considering that it only sells three products. It is easy to navigate, has high-quality photography and a clear design with lots of whitespaces. This is especially important for busy parents.

Why Guava converts?

Guava recognizes its unique features and places them at the top of its website. Instead of focusing on the features, Guava emphasizes the end result or benefit to users. It is lightweight, portable and foldable, safe, durable, and easy to use. These are the key attributes that parents seek, especially when purchasing products for their children. To ease any hesitation, they offer free shipping as well as returns.

11. Bison Coolers

  • Category: Outdoor accessories

Bison Coolers sells ice chests and drinkware to keep your food and beverages fresh while you enjoy the outdoors. Its website is as strong as its products. The site features eye-catching headline copy, a brand voice, stunning background photography, and graphic design that is simple but powerful.

Why Bison Coolers converts?

Bison Coolers products were made in America, and the brand proudly boasts this fact throughout its website. The topic is even covered on a page. A survey found that 70% of Americans want products made in America. 20% are willing to pay more to get such products. Bison Coolers capitalizes on this conversion opportunity and highlights this feature of its product.

12. Heraldic Jewelry

  • Category: Jewel

25 best shopify design examples

Heraldic Jewelry believes that beauty lies in the details, both for its products as well as its website design. Heraldic’s homepage has more than just a static image. It also features a series of beautifully shot videos that showcase how handcrafted pieces are made. This is just the beginning. Clicking around the site and scrolling will reveal more content about “how it’s manufactured”, a key value proposition for the brand.

Why Heraldic Jewelry converts?

The website is gorgeous, but it’s not very conversion-oriented. The Buy Now button is not located above the fold. To get a quote on their design, shoppers must request a consultation. It’s not an easy process. A person shopping for jewelry that is unique, such as a family crest, will likely conduct more research into the quality of the piece.

13. Wunderground Coffee

  • Category: Food & Beverage

25 best shopify designs

Wunderground, like many other top website designs, uses illustration to add personality and fun to its branding. Illustrations are used by the mushroom coffee seller to emphasize the benefits of its products as well as educate customers about what mushroom coffee is and how it can be cared for.

Why Wunderground converts?

25 best shopify web designs

Wunderground displays the discounted price for some products on its product collection pages. This tactic encourages users to go to product pages in search of discounted products since there is an expected deal at the destination.


  • Category: Women’s clothing and maternity wear

25 best shopify web design examples

BLANQI sells maternity clothes and accessories through a beautiful website. BLANQI’s website is simple and uses subtle pops of color, refined white fonts, and large-format imagery. Although the website design and photography are simple, they are very BLANQI.

Why BLANQI converts?

25 best shopify designs

BLANQI is well-informed about its customers, as shown by the email signup. The brand requires users to provide some information about themselves. They’ll get more relevant content in return. BLANQI also has an email subscriber list that is segmented. 

15. SlideBelts

  • Category: Accessory

25 best shopify website designs

SlideBelts sells, you guessed it, belts. Although it might seem like a luxury brand, more exploration shows that it is not. SlideBelts uses interactivity in a variety of ways throughout its website. SlideBelts’ homepage arrow is animated to encourage users to scroll down the page. Its About page is the best for creativity.

Why SlideBelts converts?

SlideBelts does not use interactivity or motion graphics to make it look great. These features are also used to increase conversions. Pop-ups or sliders show the benefits of the product and its features. It was so much fun to shop for belts!

16. Viberg

  • Category: Shoes

25 shopify design that best converts

Viberg isn’t trying too hard. It lets the quality of its products speak for itself. It is the same with its website design approach. It doesn’t incorporate CTAs, content blocks, and interactive experiences on the site. Instead, it focuses instead on product imagery that speaks for its self.

Why Viberg converts?

25 best shopify design converts

It might seem difficult at first to see the path from purchase. Viberg offers a variety of products for users to browse between the large featured images. The beautiful imagery is replaced by product-oriented carousels, which take users to product pages. Viberg seems to believe that the average user has some brand buy-in. Therefore, the path to purchase is as short as possible. Viberg uses product pages to further educate its users.

17. Kettle & Fire

  • Category: Food & Beverage

25 best shopify web design

Kettle & Fire’s website makes bone soup exciting. You’ll notice a typical layout for an eCommerce website above the fold. A few clicks and scrolls later, you’ll see that there is more to it. Kettle & Fire’s website features images of vegetables, which are key ingredients in its products. To bring out the fun, it uses humorous slogans such as “yummy in your stomach” and “warm you soul”.

Why Kettle & Fire converts?

Kettle & Fire offers a wide range of bone broths. Even though most people are familiar with the differences, choosing the right one can cause confusion and send shoppers running. Kettle & Fire has a quiz shoppers may take to determine which bone broth product is best for them. The brand also has key data about its visitors, which it can use for key business decisions.

18. ThirdLove

  • Category Intimate clothing

best shopify web design

ThirdLove sells underwear and bras to women through its beautiful website. The website is well-balanced between text and lifestyle photography. Both the design and copy are very approachable. ThirdLove’s “fitting rooms” will guide users through a questionnaire to help them determine the right size. When you hover over navigation menus, beautiful imagery is revealed.

Why ThirdLove converts?

Many eCommerce websites require an email signup to receive a discount. ThirdLove skips this step and provides details about what subscribers can expect. ThirdLove emails subscribers about limited edition products and includes a countdown to the next drop. This creates urgency and provides an incentive for users to sign up.

These are some resources that will help you to create your email marketing strategy.

19. 3sixteen

  • Category: Men’s clothing

25 best shopify web design

3sixteen’s photos are stunning, and you may wonder if they’re a portfolio of photographers or an actual online shop. This menswear brand is the latter. This website features stunning product photography. It is also very well designed with lots of white space and a strong focus on the product.

Why 3sixteen converts?

3sixteen’s website may be driving online sales but it may also drive foot traffic to its NYC and LA retail shops. 3sixteen, in compliance with COVID-19, has made arrangements for customers to have a more enjoyable and safer in-person shopping experience. Shoppers can make 30-minute appointments to have the whole store to themselves. This is a truly memorable experience.



  • Category: Footwear

25 best shopify web design

GREATS lets its photos speak for itself when designing its website. GREATS does not use a lot interactivity or hidden content. They stick to a simple approach. It clearly found its voice and created a friendly brand that is easy to get along with. The images showcase both product details as well as lifestyle shots.

Great reasons to convert to GREATS

Great Shopping offers three main benefits: free gift with purchase, free shipping and free returns The brand doesn’t hesitate to remind customers of this. These are great tools to reduce hesitancy or alleviate doubt among potential customers. Free shipping and a gift for every $150+ order can increase the average order value (AOV) and lower the cart abandonment rates. Free returns take a lot out of the buying process.

21. Studio Neat

  • Category: Products for Office

25 best convert design shopify

Studio Neat sells a limited number of products for the home. The brand clearly invests in high-quality product photos. These images are almost an illustration icon in the dropdown menu. The site is simple, elegant, and beautiful–just like its products.

Studio Neat is a great conversion:

Studio Neat uses the psychology of scarcity in order to drive online sales. Clicking on “Limited”, in the main navigation, takes you to a page that focuses exclusively on the current limited edition product. Studio Neat also includes a key conversion component: a countdown to the remaining quantity.


  • Category: Food & Beverage

best shopify design that converts

The website of OLIPOP is fun and clean, much like the soda. It uses its website to promote the soda’s healthy ingredients as well as how it is better than other carbonated beverages. Its photography is complemented by vibrant colors and a strong, but an approachable brand voice. It’s fun to look at, with headlines such as “Meet The Squad” and “We are all just bacteria babies.”

How OLIPOP converts?

OLIPOP offers gift certificates through its website, which is ideal for the upcoming holiday season. The gift cards can also be purchased digitally which lowers fulfillment costs and supports contactless commerce within a COVID-19 economic system.

23. Pop Chart

  • Category: art

best shopify design

Pop Chart sells scratch-off and printed artworks. It’s not surprising that this design-focused brand also put a lot into its website design. Although it may seem straightforward, bold fonts and a simple background allow the products and artwork to take center stage. If you hover over a content block, you’ll notice a little interactivity. The block appears 3D and has a colorful shadow behind it. These little touches of humor make the website seem more fun to use.

Why pop chart converts?

Pop Chart is more than a direct-to-consumer business. It also offers wholesale. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see “Wholesale” in the footer. Pop Chart will return users’ information via a quick click. Wholesale is a great way to increase sales and expose your brand to new customers.

24. I Met You

  • Category: Skincare

the best shopify design that converts

The skincare products sold by “Then I Met You” are targeted at combating acne. The website is easy to navigate and lively. There are customer reviews and a message from Charlotte Cho. It is easy to navigate the website, which features bold text and a simple background. Although the website is simple, you can click on many places to expand to see more information. User-generated Content (UGC) adds authenticity to the brand’s community-rooted website.

Why I Met You converts?

Jeong is a Korean value that is deeply rooted in community connections. The goal of “Then I Met You” is to create Jeong among its customers through its products and authentic community connections. It also has a page dedicated to Jeong. This page explains how the brand supports philanthropy as well as how customers can create Jeong in their own lives. It encourages sharing by giving gifts and encourages purchase.

best shopify design that converts

25. Good light beauty

best shopify design that converts

  • Category: Cosmetics and beauty

Good light’s website and branding are both elegantly understated and spirited. Beautiful photography is combined with clean fonts and subdued bright colors. The homepage features products that spin 360 degrees in animated GIFs. This allows you to distinguish what is usually a simple image.

Good light conversions

You’ll find a Text Us button in the lower-left corner of Good Light’s website. This button is where you would expect to see a live chat window. SMS text messages are the fastest way to contact over three-quarters of consumers. Additionally, SMS campaigns have a 99% average open rate. This channel is also a great way to reach a large audience.