5 email marketing strategies for jewelry business

One of the most effective digital marketing methods available to jewelry companies is email marketing. Email marketing is the one strategy that has remained effective over time. With about 4 billion people using email every day worldwide, it has been around since the inception of the Internet and is here to stay!

In a recent poll conducted by Statistica, 78% of marketers reported that their email open and click-through rates have significantly increased in the last 12 months. Email marketing is the only kind of digital marketing that has consistently produced results over time, while other forms have been passing trends.

Keep in mind that the purpose of email marketing is to both produce quality leads and maintain a presence in your customers’ inboxes. Here are 5 email marketing tactics that jewelers can employ to expand their businesses in 2022.

1. Create interactive emails

Emails are often stagnant and flat. Typically, the content is limited to an image and some simple words, with the occasional offer or promotion. You must improve your email marketing strategy if you want to keep readers’ interest. Include rollovers, quick polls, consumer surveys, animated GIFs, and other interactive features. Anything you can do to distinguish your email communications will significantly increase your open and click-through rates, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

2. Segment your email audience

Segmenting your consumer base is one of the finest strategies to increase your ROI. Divide your email list into more manageable sections. You can divide your audience based on factors like gender, age, geography, frequency of purchases, or even specific purchasing preferences like fine or bridal jewelry. You must gather more details about your audience in order to do this. Your email service provider, or ESP, should be able to integrate with any reliable CRM system. Having a precise understanding of who your consumers are is the objective here.

3. Utilize stuff that users have created

Simply put, user-generated content (also known as UGC) is content that is created by your jewelry customers. For years, UGC has served as the cornerstone of social media marketing. It becomes “social proof,” a potent endorsement that money can’t buy, when your audience witnesses other clients wearing and adoring your jewelry or gushing over their engagement ring. The same social media content may be modified for email marketing and distributed to everyone on your list, making sure it is seen by everyone. Go through your social media accounts, look at your hashtags, and see who is posting about you to locate user-generated material. How much UGC you have can surprise you!

4. Personalize the content of your email

Personalize your emails with personalization to increase their efficacy. You can experiment with various subject lines, alter the content, change the scheduling of your emails, include unique offers or promotions for various buyer types, and much more! The more individualized your email content is to each recipient, the better results you’ll get. The expense is more than justified.

5. Concentrate on mobile

Ever since the introduction of smartphones, mobile has been more popular. Currently, mobile devices are used to open 66% of emails. People read their emails on their phones and quickly scan their inboxes to determine what is important. It is imperative that all of the graphics, text and call-to-action buttons in your emails are readable and functioning properly as well as being mobile-responsive. Additionally, as you design your emails, keep in mind how they will appear on mobile devices. Keep in mind that because mobile screens are small, you must maintain a clutter-free environment. Your marketing message shouldn’t get lost and your jewelry clients should not be forced to scroll indefinitely.

Email marketing, in conclusion, is a true game-changer. The year 2022 will be more difficult than ever for proprietors of jewelry stores because the pandemic is still present. Reevaluate your digital marketing approach and begin utilizing email campaigns. You can utilize a lot of unrealized potentials. The jewelry stores that have endured during recent years have concentrated on their digital marketing platforms, beginning with email. They have noticed a significant change, and you will too!