How to sell jewelry during the holidays

The Secret to Successful Jewelry Sales

Now that the winter holidays have here, you have a lot more to plan than just the annual Christmas dinner with the family. The holiday season is the ideal time to expand your business.

According to Mastercard SpendingPulse, holiday shopping grew 3.4% from November 1 to December 24 compared to the previous year. Online sales increased by 18.8%, and jewelry sales alone increased by 8.8%. Holiday sales are typically good for jewelry, but this year especially e-commerce sales are booming, so it’s time to go all out.

Seasonal Specials for the Holiday key events

There are more than 20 events available. We chose Black Friday (November 25 this year), Christmas (December 24), New Year (December 31), and Valentine’s Day (February 14) as the major holidays for the jewelry sector. There are other others, although they are less focused on jewelry, such as Cyber Monday, Green Monday, and Boxing Day. However, less significant occasions like Halloween might occasionally be relevant for jewelry ( October 31st).

Seasonal purchases. These are more concerned with the venue, logistics, and jewelry. Naturally, local purchases of more expensive jewelry will ship more efficiently than purchases of less expensive jewelry from other continents. Therefore, the 3–4 week delivery time for a $50 fashion jewelry brand with international shipping is quite typical, and the purchases begin in early September, whereas the $1200 diamond ring brand is anticipated to deliver in 2–3 days at most, and the items can also be ordered one week prior to the event.

Cargoes for carriers and fulfillment. cargoes for carriers and fulfillment. More sales over the Christmas season always result in overworked shipping companies and logistical hubs. Some of them, like FBA, even make an announcement about a slower shipment time during the busiest times (and should be commended for being forthright!). In conclusion, remember that your jewelry will arrive more slowly than usual.
Weather. It should go without saying, but every winter something goes wrong with the roads or the air, and deliveries become trapped. each year. Particularly crucial for jewelers from warm locations to remember is this:

Taking Advantage of It

You’ll need effective holiday marketing techniques if you want to make the most of the chance. Here are some suggestions for you to think about:

Adapt your product offering

Add seasonal goods, as some jewelry is better appropriate for a particular occasion. Before Christmas, snowflake earrings will be most successful, and before Valentine’s Day, a heart-shaped pendant will be out of stock. Any earring may be given a “winter-inspired design” with a little creativity, and your gothic jewelry could be positioned as a Halloween motif.

Religious accessories

Do not forget that there are other celebrations throughout this season than Christian ones! Islamic and Jewish themes can significantly boost sales. Keep an eye out for chances.

Change your brand. Selling jewelry involves creating the experience of purchasing a special item, not just selling a piece. It helps a lot to rebrand with the Christmas theme in mind. Some simple suggestions are:

Add a card with a seasonal theme to your gifts

Display your jewelry box in an appropriate setting (holly, Christmas trees, winter colors, etc.).
Include marketing material like a “Holiday Special,” a “Jingle Bells Sale,” or a “New Year’s Resolution.”

Spend money on marketing and advertising. According to some studies, it might be challenging to achieve organic outcomes over the holiday season due to the intense competition brought on by the holiday marketing frenzy. To increase your sales, think about investing in focused advertising.

Aggressive sales: for both buyers and sellers, December is the last opportunity of the year. Present existing customers with substantial rebates, deals, and sales—now is the time to make money!

Keep in mind SEO; the tags “Christmas gift,” “Christmas jewelry,” and “Holiday gifts” are more important than ever.

Stay human. The market’s key demographic, millennials, care more about identity than brands. Don’t be afraid to display yours. You may go a long way with something as simple as an Instagram Halloween costume contest or a New Year’s discount coupon sent with a brief thank-you note to your top 50 clients.

Provide prompt shipment. Not everyone is flawless. And occasionally people neglect to buy their loved ones holiday presents (Much like the author of this article). So, you can anticipate a peak right before the holidays. Your sales will increase and your customers will be grateful if you can assist them with a speedy dispatch. Nearer to December, last-minute customers experience a sense of urgency and are prepared to pay twice for expedited delivery. Offer that incredibly quick shipping, and even if the cost of overnight delivery exceeds the cost of the product, it is still acceptable and worthwhile.

Understand your clientele as well as your sales channels. Keep an eye on the statistics for both your advertising and your channel usage to determine which ones result in deals for you and which ones don’t. Given the excitement surrounding the holidays, it might be too much of a hassle, so make sure you have the necessary equipment to assist you in analyzing the data.

Markets also conduct research. Check your seller dashboards for suggestions; it can be beneficial.

Distribute the work. Selling, not planning, is the focus during the Christmas season. You are now losing money if you are updating your product descriptions, dividing up store sections, or enhancing photos during the selling season. Before the peak of sales, have your plan, necessary content, and to-do list prepared so that all that is needed to be done during the season itself is execution. Even if you’ve spent the last 36 hours packing jewelry, everything will be simpler that way!

Holiday Discounts for Jewelry Selling

Customers adore a good deal! Send your consumers Christmas coupons or discount announcements. Include a marked-down basket with any merchandise you need to move quickly in your displays. Cleaning houses and luring consumers with a discount are both excellent ideas for the end of the year.

Kits or Classes for Making Jewelry

Make basic jewelry-making kits and sell them to your consumers. A stunning display is created by polished cord and large-hole Dione®. Offer to lead a jewelry-making class at your place of employment or church. Make sure to bring business cards and to wear your own jewelry.

Send Your Customers a Holiday Card

Informing your customers that your jewelry line is ideal for their holiday buying needs and that you cherish their business is important. An individual touch can be added by including a photo of your happy smile or one of your jewelry creations. Don’t forget to provide your website address or any information about the jewelry store.

Put on some jewelry

It’s always a great idea to sell your jewelry this way. Encourage your family and friends to wear your designs to increase sales.
gratuitous gift-wrapping
When selling your jewelry, keep wrapping paper and cotton-filled boxes nearby. Holiday consumers adore the benefit of free gift wrapping.

The Best Places to Sell Your Jewelry Jewelry Events

Holiday-themed jewelry parties are a fantastic venue to display your creations. Family and friends assemble to purchase your handcrafted items and mingle. Everyone will be in the mood to shop for the holidays with the help of some festive music and eggnog.
For additional details on how to organize the ideal jewelry party, see the article “Boost Your Beaded Jewelry Sales Part 2: Home Jewelry Parties.”


Numerous websites provide excellent resources for selling your jewelry. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook to inform your clients about new holiday collections and to promote seasonal promotions. To make it simpler for customers to purchase your jewelry, link to your Etsy or another online store. During the busy Christmas season, customers adore the convenience of internet purchasing. For more advice, read the article “Grow a Name for your Jewelry Online.”

Craft Fairs and Other Regional Activities

Find out about seasonal events where you can sell your jewelry by speaking with your neighborhood Chamber of Commerce. Large annual craft fairs or flea markets with booth rentals are held in several locations. If you don’t mind traveling, consider the surrounding locations as well. Similar gatherings are held frequently by churches, schools, and workplaces.

Local Storefronts

During the holidays, many retail locations expand their consignment inventory. To learn more about making a polished and captivating presentation, see the article “Where to Sell Your Jewelry.”

Trunk Shows in Public Spaces

Many full-time workers struggle to cram their holiday shopping into the evenings. You can provide employees with the opportunity to browse and shop during their lunch or break periods by hosting a trunk display there. By announcing in advance, you can give staff the opportunity to get ready for your handy show.
What to Sell with a Holiday Motif Jewelry with a holiday theme is usually popular. For a brilliant winter design, choose classic color schemes or a variety of transparent Crystal Passions®.
For additional inspiration, browse Christmas design suggestions.


Although adorable snowman earrings will undoubtedly be popular, keep in mind that your consumers are also looking for presents that will be useful beyond the holiday season. An essential component of your collection should include year-round wearable jewelry, and jewelry sets make wonderful presents.

Items for stockings

Cheap earrings, stretch bracelets, and trinkets will undoubtedly be popular with customers trying to stuff stockings. To complement your handcrafted line, look through the Jewelry and Gift category for a range of ready-to-wear items.

Personalized Jewelry

Birthstone necklaces and earring sets are a simple and elegant way to cross someone off your shopping list. To make it simple for consumers to pair stones with present recipients, keep a modest, appealing birthstone reference chart with your products.
In the article “12 and 12 More: Alternative Choices for Birthstones,” you may read about both conventional and unconventional birthstone possibilities.