The Most Effective Social Media Channels for Jewelry Stores

You just don’t have the time to sign up for every social media network to advertise your jewelry store or conduct online jewelry sales. Simply put, there are too many of them, and not all of them are geared toward the kind of customer you want to draw in.

Which ones, then, are actually worth your time in terms of getting your jewelry store noticed and in front of interested buyers? As marketing professionals who have spent more than 20 years working exclusively with jewelry retailers, we have obviously witnessed social media as a driving force of revenue and reputation for our customers. The top 3 platforms for jewelers to aggressively pursue growth are listed below.

Instagram for jewelry store

Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting your jewelry store and individual jewelry items, especially since it has a huge community of jewelry enthusiasts in your neighborhood.

It works especially well for jewelry stores since you can showcase each piece’s distinctive attributes and features using high-quality photos and short 30-second clips called Reels. Utilizing hashtags and tagging nearby businesses will draw in the right audience and increase the exposure of your material.

To communicate with your followers directly, you can use Instagram’s DMs (Direct Messages) feature. The ideal technique to determine someone’s level of interest and give them more information in a more intimate situation is to follow up in DM if they express a strong interest in a piece and want to know more.

Look over the most famous jewelry brand to find trending ideas for your posts.

When new potential customers enter the store, it is also something to think about promoting there. To make sure they keep in touch with you after they leave, ask them to follow your store on Instagram before they leave in exchange for a discount on their subsequent purchase. Additionally, it informs customers that they can rely on your company to regularly feature events, promotions, and new products in their Instagram feed in hopes of catching their attention.

Pinterest for jewelry store

In that you may post other people’s stuff along with your own, Pinterest is a little different from Instagram. To sell your goods directly through their website, Pinterest also gives you the ability to advertise “buyable pins.”

Early sales and creating excitement with sneak peeks of items from new collections are extremely effective on Pinterest. By using Pinterest “Pin It!” choices, you enable other people to save the jewelry from your website to their personal collections on Pinterest, expanding your audience and bringing in additional prospective customers. The Digital Marketing team at GemFind consistently makes sure that our clients are utilizing Pinterest to its greatest potential. Our clients are frequently taken aback by the increased visibility their company gains from using Pinterest alone.

Check some famous jewelry brands which promote their products on Pinterest to find out new ideas:

Facebook for jewelry store

Without discussing THE social media platform that became ingrained in our everyday vernacular, we were unable to discuss social media platforms for jewelry retailers. Despite lacking Pinterest’s capacity to build collections or Instagram’s ability to post rich photographs, Facebook’s extensive and engaging platform does have one element that sets it apart from the competition: paid promotion.

Given how few people use Facebook organically and how many companies are battling for the same audience share, it can be challenging to get your items viewed. However, you also have a lot of control over how precisely you choose to target your audience with Facebook’s paid ad options, down to the geographic area, age range, and many other factors.

How to Begin Your Social Media Marketing Campaign for Jewelry Store

It’s time to concentrate on strategy now that you know which social media sites are the greatest choice for your jewelry company! UAATEAM Digital Marketing Agency offers that. Our expertise in digital marketing for eCommerce and experience in working with Jewelry brands create the perfect mix for success. We have decades of experience working with jewelry stores and developing powerful social media strategies to get your jewelry noticed by the right customers at the perfect moment.

To find out more, get in touch with us right now, and we’ll help you develop a successful social media plan!