Marketers have incredible resources and the pace at which innovation is happening is amazing. According to VentureBeat, there are 1,876 companies in 43 marketing categories including SEO, social media, video marketing, and sales enablement.

Moreover, many categories were not included in the report a year ago.

Only one category performs well year after year: Email marketing. Email marketing has been generating the best ROI for marketers for ten consecutive years. Email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. It gives marketers the most reach out of all channels. Email marketing, despite the many tools marketers have at their disposal, is the best way to grow your business.

This guide will discuss seven reasons email marketing is essential to your digital marketing strategy. It will also show you how experts use it as a core tool in their digital strategies.

7 reasons email marketing can help you grow your business

Marketers today need to do more with less. Marketers must be able to communicate with their target audience in a highly personal way while remaining within budget. Marketers who can connect with prospects and customers in a highly targeted manner will be able to deliver ROI and revenue back into the business.

VentureBeat’s report shows that email marketing is the most durable marketing channel. Email marketing is still the most effective channel for modern marketers, despite some marketing trends passing.

Here are seven reasons:

1. Email marketing is more popular.

It’s easy to believe that social media is the best way to reach the masses, with Facebook boasting more than 1 billion users and Twitter boasting about 255 million. These numbers are amazing, but statistics about email usage are not often shared.

According to Radicati, the global number of email accounts is 3.9 billion. It is projected that it will reach 4.9 billion by 2017.

This may seem strange at first but think about your online behavior. When you sign up to a website (like an internet store), you must enter your email address in order to create the account. To create a Facebook account or Twitter account, you will need to have an email address. Facebook and Twitter also allow users to be notified of activity via email, such as when someone has been tagged in a photograph.

Email is the currency for the internet. Anyone who is online has an active address. While Twitter and Facebook may seem ubiquitous, privacy concerns and data breaches mean that many people have stopped using some social media platforms.

how much is the base of email users more than users of social networks

Email is the best channel to connect with prospects and customers.

2. Email marketing delivers your message.

Marketers should choose the email subscriber whenever they have to make a choice between adding an email subscriber or gaining new Facebook fans.

Two reasons are key:

First, 90% of emails are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. Only 2% of your Facebook friends see your posts on their News Feed. In an effort to encourage brands to use paid advertising, Facebook restricts the number of times that your posts appear on the News Feed.

This is an important step in getting your message across to the right audience.

If you send an update to your 10,000 Facebook friends, only 200 will see it in their News Feed. You can also send an email campaign reaching 10,000 subscribers and at least 9,000 will see it in their inbox.

This means that email is 45 times more likely than Facebook to see your message.

Your email subscribers have also indicated that they are interested in hearing from you after signing up for your mailing list.

There are strict laws and regulations regarding SPAM laws. If you email a prospect or customer it is because they have given you permission. Think about your Facebook News Feed ads. Did you ask these companies to market to me?

Most likely not. You probably did a Google search and visited their website. This is a far different experience than signing up for an email newsletter.

Email has been proven to deliver your message to your audience.


3. Email marketing drives conversions.

Marketers are focused on converting customers. Marketers are determined to convert potential customers into paying customers, regardless of whether this is done in the form or sales leads, memberships, or any other metric that suits your business strategy.

Email is the most powerful channel for conversions.

The average click-through rates for an email campaign are around 3% (of total recipients), while the average click-through rate from a Tweet is about 0.5%.

This means that you have 6x the chance of getting someone to click through via email to your site than you do via Twitter. Your email subscribers already told you that they want to hear from you, which is not the case with social media.

According to Monetate, email marketing is more popular than search engines (2.49%) and social media (0.59%), respectively.

Email is also highly quantifiable. Campaign Monitor customers have access to real-time metrics such as opens, clicks and bounces, forwards, and social shares.

Those who integrate email marketing into Salesforce are able to see firsthand how email marketing affects business opportunities and deals.

Email marketing is the best communication channel for business if you are a marketer who is focused on driving leads and conversions.

4. Email marketing is more effective than other forms of marketing.

Email’s unparalleled ability to drive conversions makes it easy to see why email is the best channel to increase your company’s ROI. Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800% for businesses. The average return on investment for email marketing is $38.

These statistics show that email is cost-effective for marketers. But, why does it perform so well when it comes to ROI?

Delivering relevant and personalized messages is the key. Email allows you to be highly targeted with your communications, unlike social networks that send status updates to everyone, regardless of where they live, what interests or purchase history.

Campaign Monitor has a lot of data about customers. This includes insights from your CRM and customer service system. The more data, the more targeted you can become.

Campaign Monitor customer Rip Curl used segmentation and dynamic content in order to get the right message to each person. They know the gender and location of their subscribers so that they can send emails about summer bathing suits to females in the United States and winter wetsuits to males in Australia.

The use of segmentation with dynamic content allows recipients to make informed decisions about the content they send. This helps drive people to click through, make purchases and improve the ROI of email marketing campaigns.

5. Email marketing is the preferred channel of communication.

Many people use social media networks to communicate with their friends and family. People log into their social media accounts to view photos and updates from those they care about.

Email is, however, a more professional medium. People expect to be able to get information about products or services via email.

MarketingSherpa reports that is the preferred method of receiving promotional content via email. This compares to 17% who prefer social networks.

which channels are better for delivering advertising messages

6. Email marketing can be done from any device.

Many brands have spent millions on social followings over the years to engage and communicate with their audience.

Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm to decrease the number of people who see posts from brands, even though they are investing in social media platforms.

This has been so common that 98% of brand followers won’t see these posts in their News Feeds. Twitter appears to be heading in the same direction with its announcement that it will also introduce an algorithm-controlled feed.

Channels like Twitter and Facebook are owned and controlled by third parties. This means that marketers are subject to any changes made by the platforms.

Currently, email is not owned or controlled by any particular entity. It is an open communication platform, and many services allow you to send and receive emails.

Email marketing is a multi-faceted industry. This means that not one person can make significant changes. And unlike Twitter and Facebook, if you spend the time and money to build and nurture a great list, you will have an asset. You’ll be able to leverage your list without fear of it being hampered by others.

7. Email marketing will continue to be popular.

Do you remember MySpace? What?

It was once the most popular social networking site in the world, with over 500,000 users between 2005 and 2008.. In June 2006, it surpassed Google to become the most visited website within the United States. But where is MySpace today? All of those users moved on to other social networking sites, so MySpace is now the 1,500th most visited website in the United States.

Imagine spending significant time and money building an audience on a platform, only to discover it abandoned a year later. It would have a devastating impact on your ability to reach and engage potential customers.

Email has a long history. Email has grown steadily since then, with the first promotional email sent to 400 people.

It is interesting to note that the email industry has changed from one where you had to hire a developer to build email campaigns to one where Campaign Monitor allows modern marketers to easily create beautiful, branded emails. This has allowed more people to have access to business email.

Building an email list is not like building a social following. It’s a long-term, stable investment that will pay dividends for many years.

Marketing experts’ take on it

Many top marketers at some of the most successful companies around the globe believe email is the best channel to grow your business.

Here are the top marketing thought leaders of today:

Email marketing for 2021

Are you ready to take your email marketing to the next level with the latest innovations and trends?

2021 will be a great year for tech due to the many changes that it brings to email marketing. COVID-19 has certainly accelerated the rate of adoption. By 2022, there will be 4.2 million email users. New possibilities exist in email design, delivery, and content thanks to technological advances.

These are the top 5 ways to make your email marketing more relevant and effective in the next year.

1. Interactive content is finally here.

Email marketing is not about sending out a message. It’s more about creating an experience for your subscribers.

Since a long time, we know that interactive content can increase engagement rates by up to 70%. Interactive content is now being used to allow customers to experience brands at a whole new level.

This potential will be fully embraced in 2019. As marketers discover new ways to keep their subscribers engaged and convert, expect to see dynamic design features as well as gamification engagement.

2. Consumers value authenticity, connection and trust.

In 2021, being real matters. Your cause must be authenticated and committed to by your customers.

As consumers increasingly place more value on brands’ beliefs and values, it will be crucial for them to communicate their values with consumers.

More than 60% of consumers base their buying decisions on whether a brand shares their values. These consumers don’t believe in fanciful promises or catchy phrases. They want to see that your brand is walking the talk .

Learn more about the impact of authenticity on your reader engagement.

3. Mobile optimization is essential.

Your message, email or website won’t function on mobile devices in 2021. Newsday reported two years ago that more than half of all email messages are now read on mobile devices. However, nearly half of those emails were not formatted for mobile display.

If you want to present your message flawlessly, mobile compatibility is essential. Try to make sure your design and your content look great on every device this year.

an example of optimizing email messages for mobile devices

4. Email campaigns that use triggers are powerful and easy to implement.

Many marketers find automation a lifesaver when it comes to email campaigns. You can have even greater control and power over automated processes using trigger-based emails.

This technology monitors the subscriber’s interactions with a website or email and sends emails based on this behavior.

Campaign Monitor provides such services. You can use our segmentation tool to create rules that will sort your subscribers into different groups. You can assign them to segments based on how they interact with your email messages. This powerful feature streamlines list management and maintains reader relevance.

You’ll be able to send more targeted and more effective emails in less time.

5. How to stand out in a world where everything is personal.

personalization will reign supreme in 2020. It will be an integral part of any email campaign that succeeds in 2021 and beyond.

How can you be different when everything is personal?

Marketers must establish a rapport with customers while not sounding creepy or chummy. This balance can only be achieved and maintained if you continue to put effort into humanizing your interactions.

Take a bow

Marketers have many channels to reach their audience. However, they also have limited resources and time so you must prioritize your efforts.

Email marketing is the best channel to reach, engage and connect with your audience in order to increase sales and revenue.

Use email marketing to increase your sales and revenue today.