Yahoo Ads

Yahoo started as ‘Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web’ in 1994, offering a personal list of Internet sites for men. It quickly became very popular and prompted founders Jerry Yang and David Filo, who were both doctoral students of Stanford to organize the list into categories and subcategories. In essence, they created a pioneering online directory that eventually was recognized as an international Web portal. Recognizing the business potential, they changed its name to Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) and registered it as incorporation. After a month, they received $2 million from a Silicon Valley’ group of venture capitalists, and the rest is history. At present, Yahoo promotion is one of the best options to stay on top of the search engines and generate sales.

Yahoo promotional ads

It’s true that Google ads dominate the advertising and marketing platforms now, but Yahoo Search has the capability to reach an estimated of more than 117 million unique searches every month. It translates to over 30% of the potential market that will give you additional profit.

Yahoo is a great portal that can generate an influx of site traffic and give you leads. This is because listing your business in Yahoo Search Marketing will automatically place it on its partners’ sites like Yahoo!, MSN, WebCrawler, and more so you get more for a price of one.

Yahoo offers multiple ad formats to appeal to different types of advertisers:

  • ✔️Sponsored ads in forms of video, carousel, native, or single-image ad
  • ✔️Display ads in the form of retargeting or personalized advertising that appear in the middle, side, bottom, or top of the web content
  • ✔️Search ads in PPC advertising form
  • ✔️Yahoo mail ads that are sent via an email platform

Taking advantage of Yahoo digital advertising

Yahoo digital marketing fills the gaps that other digital market agency fails to deliver, giving you a cutting edge over other service providers and marketers. With varied specs and ad formats that place your brand in the best areas plus attractive cost package, Yahoo promotion is an effective means to optimize your web presence.

In terms of advertising costs, Yahoo ad depends on the format you want to use. However, Yahoo advertising remains fair and reasonable through the years with a guarantee of sound ROI and profitability. The cost per click, for instance, is inexpensive because of the low competition and lower search volumes. You only pay when visitors click the link to your site through search engines. So, even if you only have one sale on Yahoo, you still get an impressive ROI.

Finally, always create optimized Yahoo promotional ads. Check the Instapage advertising specs guide that brings new and innovative updates on targeting options, file formats, dimensions, and samples to help you. Then, finish your ad campaign with a bang by providing a post-click experience that takes your visitors to your landing page with Instapage, which is an extremely powerful optimization platform.

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