Main features
  • A new venue that no one knows about
  • Inconvenient location
  • Many concerts are planned at once
  • High ticket prices

Advertising campaigns were launched October 2018

Website: victoryhall.com.ua

# Problems

Attracting the audience to the new concert hall in Kharkiv using social networks.

# Solutions

In October, a new concert hall opened in Kharkiv, and to start work, the management decided to start with outsourced SMM.

The work started in early October, 3 weeks before the official opening. Targeted advertising was launched immediately for the promotional opening of the venue and the planned concerts.

The priority was immediately put on Instagram, as it is a more active social network in comparison with Facebook.

A rather active content plan was immediately developed, which had several main tasks:

  • become familiar and remembered by the audience;
  • attract new audience to the account;
  • get maximum coverage for upcoming events;


According to the plan, we regularly posted 5-8 posts to the Instagram and Facebook feeds, 7-10 stories in parallel on Instagram and Facebook. Along with this, Facebook events were created, which additionally informed the audience about upcoming events.

Together with posting and targeted advertising, the selection of local influencers for cooperation began. The priority was given to bloggers with good coverage who can come to a new venue and tell about their visit on their page. When selecting bloggers, the emphasis was on the following:

  • number of subscribers;
  • geography and age of the blogger’s audience;
  • ability to work on barter.


More than 20 opinion leaders were selected, with whom we established communication and agreed on cooperation. Most of them agreed to work on barter.

After opening and running the first events, existing audience retention was also added to the goals. To retain, engage and attract new audience, we used content with celebrities and photos from events. Moreover, the task of such content is to give alternative to posters of events, since the audience ceases to be interested in a profile very quickly if it contains only posters of events.

Photos from events:

Photos with celebrities also engaged the audience in communication. Such posts attract the audience to the venue itself, as everyone wants to be where their idols are:

In November we added a drawing of tickets for various events. The audience reacted very positively to this move, especially considering the cost of some of the events.

We have added interactivity to the Stories:

In early December, the account was given to the management of the concert, at the time of completion of our work the Instagram account has grown from 0 to 3990 subscribers in a little less than 2 months.




Youtube Ads

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Analytics


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  • More than

    3990Instagram account growth

  • More than

    25Bloggers selected for work

  • More than

    12%Average daily ER

  • More than

    3%Average ER for the account

  • More than

    300000 peopleCoverage

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