Main features:
  • Increase of audience interaction with content
  • Increase of the number of Instagram subscribers
  • Increase in the popularity of the company

Advertising campaigns were launched June 2017

Website: investor.lutsk.ua

# Problems

Create an SMM strategy for social media pages. Increase audience interaction with the company's content.

# Solutions

Our agency began developing an SMM strategy for the “Investor” construction company in June 2017.

The work was planned in 2 stages:

  1. Development of a strategy for maintaining and creating content for the Instagram social network.
  2. Implementation of the strategy using an SMM specialist on the client side.


The second stage was no less important than the first, as it was planned that the client would independently manage pages in social networks and create content. The task of the agency was to monitor the correct implementation of the prepared strategy.

The first step in developing any strategy is competitor analysis. In the course of the analysis, we found that construction companies almost do not deal with social networks and few people pay attention to this the way our client does.

The next step was to analyze the target audience. Our client has a wonderful marketing department that has been dealing with this issue. Therefore, our task was to update the target audience and make its visualization in social networks. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that the target audience in various social networks overlaps a lot, but in each of them the audience comes for different goals. Therefore, we have created several portraits of the target audience who could potentially become buyers of new housing from the construction company.

The next step was to create visual content. The company has a large amount of diverse content and they are actively working on the creation of news feeds: the start of new construction, the delivery of a house, the creation of new containers for sorting waste, new playgrounds, interesting layout of apartments and the like. Therefore, we have developed several headings for content and visuals for each of them.

For text content, little characters were created who will live in new houses. Therefore, communication should be partly from them. This will positively influence the decision-making of the audience planning to start a family or has already started and wants to buy new housing.

Also an important innovation from us was the use of user content. It is very important for potential buyers to hear the opinion of someone who already lives in the house and knows everything from their own experience.


All communication was planned to be enhanced by targeted advertising. After all, the main task was to strengthen the knowledge of the audience about the construction company and get more feedback from the audience.


  • As a result of using the proposed strategy for the Instagram network, we plan to increase the engagement of the audience to interact with the content.
  • With the help of targeted advertising, it is planned to increase the amount of traffic to the site and the number of applications.
  • With the help of bloggers and opinion leaders, the level of trust in the audience and the number of subscribers in the account will increase.



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