Online store of personalized socks

Main project features
  • Low engagement on start stage;
  • Work with micro-influencers;
  • Long delivery;

Advertising campaigns were launched February 2019


# Problems

Gain more followers to Instagram; Increase Engagement Rate; Increase sales from organic posts;

# Solutions

Our client: online store which sells personalized socks with your photo (most commonly it’s pets photos).

When we start our work with this project there was no general style on Instagram account, posts were rare and account in general had low Engagement Rate (ER). But we noted that users and influencers’s photos have the most engagements and comments, where they posted in the account. This is why we choose as a strategy to use user’s photos with our product.

Also, we developed some rubrics and activations for the profile. Because there was a low ER and our main task was to increase it. All content was separated on 2 big categories – info and fun.

Main KPIs for the account: engagement, subscribers, and sales.

Below you can find an example of before/after account visual:


                                          Before                                                                        After

Also, we generate our own content with our pets:

Also, below you can find examples of users and micro-influencers content:


In the content plan, we created 2 funny rubrics:

  • interesting facts about different pets and animals;
  • Buffy the corgi who lives in the office;

Also, we started to use Instagram stories to get more engagement from users and communicate with them. There are some tests which we launched in the account:

We launched giveaways on both networks – Facebook and Instagram. But after several contests we noted that Instagram works much better so we desided to use this social network only. The most active contest mechanic was teh simplest: users should subscribe to the account, like the post and write comment.


Also, we activated shoppable tags and use them in most posts to tag our products. Thanks to this we got a lot of orders and increased our sales from organic Instagram posts. It’s easier for users to clicks on the tag on the post so tags have more clicks and visits than URL in the account bio.


Also, we launched some posts to promo to get more reach.

As a result, we got more than 14K subscribers, more than 200K visitors to the website from organic Instagram, and conversion rate increase from 0.5% to 2.5%.




Facebook Ads

Google Analytics


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  • More than

    14 KFollowers increase

  • More than

    200 KWebsite visitors

  • More than

    450%Conversion Rate increase

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