ES, Barcelona
Features of the project
  • Small range of products
  • Account promotion from 0
  • Products for a relatively narrow audience (Techno culture)

Advertising campaigns were launched November 2020

Website: hex-clothing.com

# Problems

Build a brand in social networks, build a subscriber base and start selling through Instagram

# Solutions

Social Media Marketing for Spanish brand HEX Clothing


Before starting social media marketing work, research was conducted, which included: competitive analysis, target audience identification, as well as the tone of voice of the brand. Based on this, a content strategy was developed for posts and Stories.


Initially, we used the photos provided by the client. To create a complete feed, we created a layout based on the principle of “1 color in 1 line”. Subsequently, photos were added to the feed that reflects the aesthetics of techno culture.

To increase brand awareness and trust, we used photos and videos created by the customers themselves. Most of this content was used in Stories.

Creative videos and animations were also created for Stories. Since the brand itself includes not only the production of clothing but also a music label, we used original tracks for the content.

Product labels were heavily used in posts and Stories: this feature is available since the company is located in Europe. This tool was also necessary due to the fact that at the beginning of the promotion, it is not possible to add an active link to Stories.

For the convenience of users, we have combined the products in the account by category using Highlights and Guides.



The clothing brand was created on the basis of an active techno community, so some subscribers were already familiar with it and partially involved in its activities. The brand’s audience is quite loyal: from the first days of posting, subscribers left comments on posts and actively responded to Stories.

The main percentage of the audience is made up of people who strive for bright self-expression, freedom, among whom there are representatives of various subcultures and professions, as well as fans of techno music.


Since one of the tasks was to increase sales, we used paid promotion tools to advertise product innovations, announcements of holiday sales (for example, Black Friday).

During the Black Friday sale (27.11-29.11), we promoted a post announcing the sale and actively advertised discounted products in Stories for 3 days. The return on investment in such advertising was 253%


To attract a new audience, it was decided to focus on promotion through opinion leaders. We were looking for bloggers who shared an interest in techno culture, as well as conceptual, streetwear.  Also, when selecting bloggers, the emphasis was placed on the following aspects:

  • the level of engagement in their profile
  • an unusual presentation of content
  • the ability to work on barter basis

According to these criteria, we managed to find 50 bloggers, with 15 of which we started working later.

Thanks to the joint work on the content strategy, we managed to create an account that is attractive for bloggers in such a narrow niche. Many people willingly agreed to cooperate with the brand, as they shared its ideology and style.

They not only shared content on their pages, but also provided photos from their professional photo shoots. This photo content was used in posts, Stories and email newsletters.

When working with influencers, a draw game was also held for the audience of one of the accounts. In this way, we managed to attract new subscribers and arouse interest in the brand.


We have conducted several of our own contests and draw games with various mechanics.

Thanks to the draw games, we managed to increase the number of subscribers and keep their number at the same level. We also avoided a large number of unsubscriptions, as the prize was chosen for a product that would be of interest to the target audience we needed.



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  • More than

    1276Subscribers for 3 months

  • More than

    9.20%The high level of engagement is due to the promotion of posts and Stories to a clear target audience

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