Features of the project:
  • Field-specific audience;
  • Multi-stage pipeline to the target action on the site;
  • Using different platforms to move the user around the pipeline;
  • Difficulties in building a custom pipeline to the goal.

Advertising campaigns were launched June 2020

Website: Astrafit.com

# Problems

Increase the number of applications; reduce the cost of the application;

# Solutions

PPC Advertising for SaaS astrafit.com

First of all to start PPC advertising for SaaS platform we did the preparation steps:

  1. Analysis of existing data in analytics systems, the study of the audience and its behavior on the site. Also, a briefing was held with the customer about the target audience that the company directly faces. The main targeting regions, demographic indicators, audience interests, and so on are identified.
  2. Issuing technical tasks and setting up the correct operation of site analytics. The peculiarities of the site structure led to difficulties in setting up analytics, so we had to resort to the help of developers. The main target action, at the first stage, was the application on the site, after which the user receives a confirmation letter about the creation of the user account by email.
  3. Audit of the technical components of the site and third-party platforms on which the user performs targeted actions. Making recommendations for the site that can help increase the conversion rate and improve the behavioral indicators of site users.
  4. Create an audience based on available data and statistics. As well as gradual optimization and testing of new targeting audiences, creatives, texts, etc.

After drawing up a portrait of the target audience, we managed to segment it by demography, behavior and interests into 5 main groups. This segmentation made it possible to create personalized banners and text for each group.

The first launch of advertising campaigns gave satisfactory results, which told us about the right vector of promotion.

After adjustments and detailing of the target audience, the KPIs improved: the number of conversions increased by 43.1%, the cost per conversion decreased by 39.9%.

Based on the results of gradual optimization, narrowing of existing audiences and testing of new segments and regions in July, KPI indicators have the following values:


An increase in the number of applications by 70.9%, a decrease in the price per application by 6%.

The main solution to the problem of finding the target audience was the maximum segmentation in the direction of the business that needs the services of our client.

As a result of segmentation and differentiation of the audience and the product, we have a large branched account structure, which allows us to clearly control fluctuations in KPI indicators and eliminate drawdowns.



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  • More than

    70%Growth in the number of applications

  • Less than

    6%Reducing the cost of the application

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