Italian Vintage Wholesale

Main issues:
  • Competitive B2B market;
  • Many subscribers who never purchased;
  • Old templates;

Advertising campaigns were launched Feb 2023


# Problems

Optimize automated flows; Increase the number of sales and revenue; Work with segments and templates;

# Solutions

Email marketing for Italian second-hand eCommerce

The primary product of the Italian Vintage Wholesale company, which operates on the B2B market, is vintage and brand clothing. The company’s traffic sources are diverse and include email marketing. Our company has received an offer to enhance automated emails and also work on promotional emails. The primary objective is to increase revenue and sales volume through automation such as welcome flow, abandoned carts, etc.

Email marketing – first view

First, we determined what the client currently possesses. The used email platform is Omnisend. It integrates well with Shopify, so it’s acceptable for us.

There were some recurring automated flows, such as welcome, abandoned cart, and promotional emails sent weekly, in addition to boosters. In addition, we’ve observed that current processes are very basic, with no repeated emails or other special features. There were some rudimentary audience segmentations, so we recommended working on them to make emails more personalized and boost the key email marketing KPIs (deliverability, open rate, click rate, conversion rate, etc.).

Work plan for Email marketing

  1. Prepare a new template for emails.
  2. Optimize and improve current automated flows.
  3. Prepare additional flows.
  4. Optimize the welcome popup on the website.
  5. Work on audience segmentation.
  6. Prepare weekly promo emails.
  7. Ongoing optimization and reporting during the month.

Automated email flows optimization

First, the Welcome flow was evaluated. This is the flow that functions in conjunction with the website’s pop-up, in which we offer 15% OFF instead of a subscription. The Popup was too large and did not suit the screen, so we reduced its size so that users no longer need to scroll to view the entire image.
email marketing

The next stage is optimizing the flow. There was only one email containing the discount after the user completed the form. Therefore, we added multiple communications with durations of 3 and 4 days. Therefore, if the user opens the first email, he exits the flow; if not, he receives a reminder in three days. Thus, we received additional transactions with the second and third email and increased the Welcome flow’s overall revenue:

email marketing

Stat for several months in dynamic:

email marketing


We did the same for the abandoned cart sequence, redesigning emails and adding new steps. There were only two emails with reminders about abandoned carts, so we added one more with a 15% discount 24 hours after the second. This email generates more transactions and revenue than the first and second combined.

email marketingWe then added one more automated flow, order follow-up. The objective of this automated process is to increase consumer repeat purchases. Therefore, we send one email immediately after the purchase and another seven days later. Consequently, we receive more transactions with both emails. Therefore, consumers purchase more, even if they have just made a purchase.


Promotional emails

The client provided a plan for promotional emails, so we designed emails and worked with various audiences to send them. According to the plan, there are three email reminders and one email with a discount.

As anticipated, promotional email containing a discount generated significantly more sales and revenue than reminder emails.


Google Analytics


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  • More than

    154%Increase in subscriptions for 1 month

  • More than

    10357 EURChange in sales for automations

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