Features of the project

Advertising campaigns were launched

Website: en.myfaktory.com

# Problems

Increase the engagement of existing customers; Develop branded templates with custom adaptations for mobile devices; Conduct regular campaigns of promotional and discount offers;

# Solutions

The first step and the first problem. The company has not conducted mailings for a long time. From the trigger emails — only the welcome-series. There was a high probability that the audience had forgotten who PrivateFloor and MyFaktory were. After the first test promo mailing, the audiences gradually began to revive except for one. It was decided to create a letter with a request to re-sign.

It was obvious that the total number of subscribers would decrease significantly, but one should not chase the volume. The key is the quality and interest of the database, but not its quantity.


Since the client needed only promotional mailings, the goal was to come to the most attractive appearance of the letters, which created a desire to click on the links and make a purchase. For the first couple of months, we actively monitored the behavior of the audience and its reaction to topics, buttons, products, etc.

An important requirement from the customer was to adapt the website to mobile devices, mobile first, as they say. We have developed several templates in the style of the client’s website, and alternated them in our promotional mailings.


Next, we came to an agreement on how it should look on mobile devices and realized that the automatic Mailchimp adaptive does not give us the desired result. The goods had to be placed in two rows, because the letters were long, and the product range was large.



Thus, in individual templates, we slightly modified the code to achieve the desired appearance.


As a result of our work, we received quite good indicators, given the fact that only promotional emails are sent out. The average percentage of openings of our campaigns is 21.1%, with a norm of 18%, and the average percentage of clicks is 3.7%. Given the size and quality of the database, the company’s industry and the direction of mailing lists — this is a good result.

In the course of the campaigns, we analyzed the behavior of subscribers, paid attention to what attracts their attention, took this into account in the following campaigns, and as a result, we managed to increase the interest of some audiences.

Since there were no regular mailings before, we did not compare the results of our mailings with the previous ones. We made a comparison of two different periods of our work.  The effectiveness of the campaigns has increased in absolutely all indicators.




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  • More than

    21%Average percentage of openings

  • More than

    4%Average percentage of clicks

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