Main features:
  • delivery throughout Russia.
  • seasonality of the product.

Advertising campaigns were launched July 2015

Website: mosautoshina.ru

# Problems

Attracting new customers to different product groups. The increase in sales of contextual advertising and reducing the cost of the transaction.

# Solutions

We received the project in July 2015. During this time, we have done a lot of work on the project which can now be presented as a case study.

The Google Ads (at that time – Google Adwords) and Yandex Direct advertising accounts were taken as a basis, in which search campaigns and a non-segmented Google Shopping campaign had already been launched at that time.  Google Analytics, without configured Ecommerce and Yandex Metrica, with configured Ecommerce.

What was done at the start (first months from the beginning of our work):

  • Ecommerce setup in Google Analytics (implementation using GTM);
  • Setting up dynamic remarketing in Google Ads;
  • Optimization of an existing Google Shopping campaign (working on negative keywords, structuring of a campaign by brands);
  • Expansion of search campaigns in Yandex Direct (breakdown by brand and use of search campaigns by model);
  • Expanding of Google Ads search campaigns (breakdown by brand and use of search campaigns by model);
  • Optimization of a retargeting campaign in Yandex Direct.


Results of the first month:

The first month after the start of work turned out to be absolutely disastrous, especially for Google Ads – the number of orders for Ads increased according to Yandex Metrica, but in proportion to this, the cost of an order for advertising campaigns also increased.

The number of Yandex Direct orders increased slightly, the order value remained at approximately the same level.

Considering that the first month fell on the “off-season”, i.e. for the period of low customer demand, it was decided to evaluate the work of advertising campaigns after a longer period of work.

In the second month, the following works were carried out:

Google Ads:

  • Optimization of the Shopping campaign (by the end of the month – the cost per click increased by 72%);
  • Optimization of launched campaigns by brands and models (Google and Yandex);
  • Optimization of Google Ads remarketing;
  • Continued scaling of search campaigns in accounts.


Results of the second month.

According to the results of the second month of work the following results were recorded:

Google Ads

  • Growth in the number of transactions – 265%;
  • Reduced price per transaction by 46.5%
  • Income growth – 242%
  • Conversion rate growth – 153%.



  • Expenditure growth by 95.5%;
  • Cost Per Click growth – 72%.

Yandex Direct

  • Growth in the number of transactions – 99%;
  • Reduced price per transaction by 30%
  • Income growth – 149%
  • Conversion rate growth – 35.6%.

Over the next months, there was a gradual increase in all indicators (if taking into account the seasonality of goods).

The resulting change in indicators after a year and 3 months (just such an interval was chosen in order to cover the period from the “off-season” in July (start of work) to the peak indicators in the season) are as follows:

  • Paid traffic growth – over 101%;
  • Growth in the number of transactions – over 144%;
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate growth – over 21%;


Tools and methods that were used in the first year and beyond to address scaling and optimization issues:

  • Segmentation and optimization of shopping campaigns based on the seasonality of the product;
  • Massive use of DSA campaigns like in Google Ads. In our case, the client has a very well-built and well-indexed site by Google, which allowed us to significantly expand the reach in search results for low-frequency queries.
  • DSA campaigns in Yandex Direct (for Direct, this type of campaign eliminates the need to use API to load keywords by item from a feed)
  • Use of RLSA/RDSA campaigns;
  • Segmenting remarketing audiences by time since the last visit of the user to the site and building dynamic remarketing campaigns based on these audiences – made it possible to increase the number of sales from dynamic remarketing and reduce the price per order;
  • The use of Smart Banner campaigns in Yandex made it possible to compensate for the lack and reduced capabilities of basic retargeting campaigns.
  • Switching from conversion tracking in Google Ads using Google Analytics to the Google Ads pixel (with the transfer of order data to Ads). This change brought a number of benefits:
    • The order data is delivered to the account almost instantly (up to 30 minutes delay), unlike the Google Analytics data.
    • The number of orders is much higher than that recorded by Google Analytics due to the difference in the principles of the codes, in turn, a larger number of orders allows you to speed up learning and simplify the “life” of Google Ads automation tools (enhanced CPC, CPA and ROAS strategies, own strategies).

After switching to this type of tracking, we received the following results:

  • Increase in the number of transactions by 32.8% compared to last year;
  • Income growth by 25.8%;
  • Reduced expenses per order by 27.6%;
  • Reduction of expenses by 3.9%.
  • Launch of Youtube-shopping video campaigns for narrowly segmented dynamic remarketing audiences. As a result, there is a large number of associated conversions and an increase in brand traffic.

The final growth for 4 years, despite the partial suspension of campaigns during peak activity periods to reduce the load on the call center and logistics department, was as follows:

  • The number of transactions for contextual advertising systems increased by more than 130%;
  • The income increased by more than 126%;
  • The total Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased by more than 19%.



Google Ads

Google Shopping

Google Analytics


Google Data Studio

Facebook Ads

YouTube ads

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  • More than

    126%The increase in revenue from paid traffic

  • More than

    130%Growth in the number of transactions

  • More than

    19%Transaction rate growth

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