Guide: how to share access to your Google accounts

In this article, I’ll show you how you can share access to your Facebook page or FB ads account, Google Ads account, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc.

There are different situations when you need to receive or share access to social media or advertising account. Below you can find detailed instructions on how to share/receive access.

How to chare access to Google Ads

If you need to share access to your Google Ads account, you can easily add a new person in your account settings by email. You have to log in to your account, click on settings on the right top corner and find “Account Access”:

And on the next screen you can add new User and choose his rights (read-only, editing, admin):

If you need to get access to Google Ads account, there are also several options. Option one: you can send your email to the account administrator and he will share an access with you.

Option two: if you have MCC (My Client Center) account to manage many google accounts, you can ask the account owner to send you an account ID. Account ID – 10 digits in the top right corner on your account:

Then, you have to go to your MCC account, click on “Add new account” and choose “Link existing account”:

Insert the Account ID and send a request. Now the account owner has to approve your request in account settings, tab “managers”.

How to share access to Google Analytics

To share access to your Google Analytics account, you have to know the email of the person who needs access. you have to go to the Admin tab and choose which level access you want to share. You can share access to an account, to property or to view.

Also, you can choose what the new user can do in the account: just view, edit or add new users:

How to share access to Google Tag Manager

GTM has a similar access system as Google Analytics. You have also to ask the person for an email and add it in the settings on your account admin area. you can give access to Account or to Container only:

Also, you can choose the level of access and allow or not to the new user: publish, edit, approve or read:


How to share access to Facebook Business Page

If you need to get access to Facebook Business page, you can ask an admin to add you by email on page settings, “page roles” area. Also, admin can type your name and add if you are friends on Facebook:

If you manage several accounts, you likely need to use a Facebook Business Manager. In this case you have to log in to your FB business manager, go to Business Settings, fing “Pages” click on the add button and type the name of the page or insert URL. You have to remember, that you need to REQUEST access, not “Add new page”. If you choose “add new page” – your business manager gell all the rights on this page.

How to share access to Facebook Ad Account

To share or get access to Facebook ads manager, you can use the same instructions as for the previous step. One difference – you need to choose Ad accounts, instead of Pages.

Facebook Business Manager to Facebook Business Manager

In the case you both have business managers, you can be partners. So, if you (partner 1) need to get access to the page or ad account of another person (partner 2), you have to send him your business manager id. You can easily find it on business info tab or in URL , when you are in a Business Manager:

Write in comments, about which tools you ask your clients more often and we’ll prepare a manual of “how to get access” for it.