What is AdRoll?

This performance marketing platform has grown over the past 10 years, employing the largest advertiser data co-op in the industry, AdRoll Marketers may use AdRoll’s solutions to reach their target audience wherever they are on the web and encourage them to make a purchase.

A nutrition bar company started by Aaron Bell’s wife, Sarika, provided the inspiration for the creation of AdRoll. To his dismay, Aaron found out the hard way how difficult it is for new firms to purchase display advertisements online. As a result, he decided to use his programming talents to address the issues of high traffic and low conversion rates on the company’s website. Shortly after establishing AdRoll, he created a basic retargeting campaign to advertise their nutrition bars to bounced consumers and discovered that it was useful for any business selling things online, not just AdRoll’s own.

A far more advanced, AI-driven, and big data firm has emerged from AdRoll’s humble origins since that time. AdRoll’s mission remains the same, though, regardless of its increased size and sophistication.

I’m curious to learn more about AdRoll and its product offerings. AdRoll’s current products are shown here:

AdRoll AI Bidding

If you want to know what makes AdRoll tick, you need to know what isn’t seen by marketers.

30,000+ advertisers feed millions of signals into AdRoll’s BidIQ artificial intelligence, which continuously learns and improves. Over 1.2 billion digital profiles in online, social, and mobile channels may be connected with AdRoll’s BidIQ. AdRoll’s customers will benefit from this bidding AI’s ability to estimate 2.5 million ad placements per second.

AdRoll Prospecting

The term “prospecting” refers to the process of seeking and attracting new clients. Using AI, the Prospecting solution from AdRoll looks for signs of buyer intent including prior purchases, page views, and registrations for events.

AdRoll then aids you in identifying your most valuable potential consumers based on this wealth of data. When you employ AdRoll’s Prospecting service, you’ll find that the traffic it brings to your site is far more engaged than that from organic sources.

AdRoll Retargeting Campaigns

Conversion rates for e-commerce often fall anywhere between 1 and 2 percent, according to industry measurements. On their first visit to your website, 98 percent of visitors will not make a purchase. A retargeting campaign is the most efficient way to encourage those visitors to return.

This is why AdRoll is the industry leader in retargeting. Customers who have shown interest in your items can be retargeted for a fraction of the expense of a traditional advertising campaign. An AdRoll cookie is a short bit of code that is placed in a visitor’s browser when they visit your website, allowing you to target them with advertising after they leave your site.

If you provide AdRoll with this code, they can show your product to that potential consumer across the web, social media, and even across numerous devices. If you’re not running a retargeting campaign, you might be missing out on a lot of prospective consumers. In many circumstances, it can take up to five engagements with your brand before a sale is made.

AdRoll Email Campaigns

Marketing experts continually praise the effectiveness of email marketing, therefore AdRoll created AdRoll Email in 2016. AdRoll Email has a distinct advantage over other email providers since it is fully data-backed. AdRoll may let you send personalized emails to your clients based on their browsing history on your website.

AdRoll Email, for example, may highlight specific goods inside the email you send if a potential consumer has visited them on your website or put them to their basket and subsequently abandoned them. A customer’s interest in a product or service may be shown by allowing them to see exactly what they’re interested in. In general, AdRoll Email customers see open rates of 50–60% and click-through rates of 10–20% as a result of this personalized strategy.

AdRoll Custom Design Services

AdRoll’s custom design services may be one of the company’s most ignored product offers. AdRoll’s design team will create your advertisements because they care about the success of your campaigns. Obviously, this service is only available to AdRoll clients who have spent a particular amount of money, but it is open to a large number of them.

The fact that AdRoll employs a team of full-time ad designers sets it apart from the competition. Getting all of that market knowledge may rapidly transform those low click-through rates into industry-leading click-throughs.

Medium- to large-sized enterprises that conduct many campaigns a year will benefit from this service. In order to minimize ad fatigue among your potential consumers, most digital advertisers believe that it is critical to modify your advertising often. Advertisers may stay on top of their game by utilizing the additional design capabilities.

AdRoll’s Dynamic Ads

When you use dynamic advertisements, you may target your consumers based on their browsing history. It’s possible to present the same pair of shoes that a customer has previously viewed in an ad if they return to your website. This has been dubbed “creepy” by some, but the data doesn’t back it up.

More people click on dynamic adverts than on static ones, clearly. Compared to static advertising, dynamic advertisements have a 50% lower CPA and a 2x greater click-through rate, according to AdRoll’s vast research. 75 percent of consumers are more inclined to buy from a merchant that remembers them by name, recommends alternatives based on their previous purchases, or knows about their purchasing history, according to Accenture.

AdRoll’s dynamic ad gallery is updated with genuine advertisements that are now running on the web to give you a sense of what dynamic advertising may look like. You can see the post-click landing page for each ad by clicking on it.

A dynamic ad may be created on the AdRoll dashboard in under a minute using the following example:

AdRoll integration with other platforms

In the event that you’re already working with HubSpot, Shopify, or Marketo, implementing retargeting is as simple as clicking a button. Using AdRoll connectors, you may extend the functionality of your existing platforms and tools to make use of AdRoll’s offerings.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the integrations page to see what new ones have been added.

How performance marketing comes together as a whole
AdRoll is fundamentally a marketing platform dedicated to maximizing profits for its users. Prospecting, retargeting, email, ABM, or any of the company’s other offerings aren’t as vital as giving value to their consumers, regardless of how they go about doing so.

Prospecting and Retargeting may be tested separately or in combination with other AdRoll services if you’d want to get the most bang for your buck right away. When it comes to finding the right solution for your business, you have the option of signing up for a free trial or talking to an AdRoll professional management team.

Once you’ve got everything set up, be sure to send all of your advertising to post-click landing pages that are tailored and message-matched in order to maximize the post-click landing page experience for the visitor.