UAATEAM Named a 2020 Top Digital Marketing Agency in Ukraine Award Recipient

“We’re inspired and proud to get this award. Our team has been working for seven years as a B2B company, and we provide our clients with high-level marketing services. We’ll do our best to be better and do more for our clients.” – Max Zakhozhiy, CMO & Co-Owner

From zero-click searches to machines to rich and featured snippets, the world of SEO is constantly changing as we know it. Keeping on top of these trends and practices can be, well frankly: long-winded.

However, we are your star athlete in not only staying ahead of the race but in also winning. All you need to do is sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest. Since 2014, we’ve been established as your go-to digital marketing agency providing services in SEM, SEO, PPC, SMM, and CRO.

Our team members are experts in consulting and providing complex decisions that’ll take your project to the next level. We’re grounded by our three goals of bringing new resources, developing our agency-client relationships, and making the digital market stronger and more professional.

Over the years, we’ve completed several projects that have received raving reviews. In a recent project, we provided PPC advertising services for a children’s apparel store. As a result, our client received a 250% return on ad spend that increased their company’s sales.

“They did a great job which resulted in healthy and long-term partnerships. . . Our online store needed evolvability according to today’s trends and they proved to be the best partners throughout the process.” –Head of Marketing Department, Childsplay Clothing

Client reviews help us so much because they provide constructive feedback and validate our successes to show that we really are a leading agency in our space. That’s why we’re so thrilled to receive more validation of this.

Recently, we were named as a 2020 top digital marketing agency in the Ukraine by Clutch! This award means that we’re one of the highest performing companies in expertise and customer service. According to Clutch, we possess a strong commitment to our clients and their success.

This award is very humbling, and we’re so grateful for this recognition. However, there’s no way we’d be where we are without our wonderful customers. Thank you so much for your partnership!

We’re happy to be your partner and encourage you to reach out whenever you need!