Max Zakhozhiy of UAATEAM Puts Faith in Healthy Client-Vendor Relationships to Grow Organically in the Industry

Founded in 2014, UAATEAM is a result-oriented digital marketing agency. Based in Ukraine, the agency is a team of more than 30 skilled specialists. The firm offers unique solutions to each customer to help them achieve their operational as well as their remunerative goals. Max Zakhozhiy operates in the capacity of Marketing Director at the firm and looks after SEM campaigns and strategy development along with taking care of the analytics and reporting.

His profile also encompasses working directly with customers while also interacting with their marketing departments, designers, and developers. He shared that the firm is a relatively new player; however, they have taken some huge strides by providing high-quality services in SEM, SMM, SEO, Email Marketing, and Analytics which has catapulted its reputation into the elite list of elite Digital Marketers.

GoodFirms inquisitively interviewed Max Zakhozhiy to learn more about their approach and what drives their passion. Find here an extract from the one-on-one with the masterful Marketing Director.

Digital Marketing Practices That Drive Performance:

Max recounted how important it is to clearly understand the business goals of their clients and what KPIs can be defined corresponding to these objectives. Performance indicators not only help in monitoring all the activities being carried out but also measure their level of effectiveness, which helps their following actions. Conversions, Revenue, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and Conversion Rate are some of the parameters that can be effectively calculated with the help of the defined KPIs.

The Marketing Director shared that they like to associate with a brand for the long-term in order to help them achieve their short as well as long-term goals. Longer associations help to adapt to new practices based upon the performance of the strategy implemented. As the image of the results relays a clearer picture, working on enhancing the overall brand image and visibility becomes much facilitated.

Zamberg Corp is gratified for marketing solutions devised by UAATEAM, which shows in the 5-star rating handed by them on GoodFirms.

UAATEAM has earned the recognition of being one of the best digital marketing agencies in Ukraine at GoodFirms in the wake of the acquired expertise of their seasoned marketers.

Growing With Honest Advertising:

E-commerce is the primary industry where they find clients, said Max. Owing to their disposition to develop healthy vendor-client relationships, UAATEAM has found many clients who repeatedly collaborate with them. It was astonishing to know that some of their clients have been working along with them for more than 5 years. Loyalty, he said, has been one of the best reviews they have earned from the clients.

In an acquisitive world, UAATEAM comes with a fresh approach to growing business by building relationships, and hence they find themselves ranked highly among the top advertising companies at GoodFirms.

Apart from standard practices, they also leverage the influence of Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, Social media management, E-mail marketing, and SEO to help their clients the visibility their brand warrants to excel in the market. While White-Hat practices ensure the best results for their clients, Max also upholds the importance of being honest to the clients and doing away with false promises that cannot be backed with actual test results and analytics.

Ievgen Anisimov is a Test Lead at GlobalLogic whos speaks about the professionalism he witnesses while collaborating with UAATEAM:

To learn more about this inherent marketer, please read the comprehensive interview of Max Zakhozhiy here at GoodFirms.

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