Imagine a perfect SEO world, where visitors come non-stop from a new eCommerce website or related blog. Backlinks are placed exactly where they are needed, relevant keywords selected for your business, and even the domain name is known by the target audience. You can make this happen with domains that have been used before but are now expired. These domains are called expired domains. UAATEAM provides an overview of where to buy expired domains that have traffic and backlinks. Serhii, from UAATEAM, gives a list of the best places to sell expired domains.


There are several ways to locate expired domains that can be used for satellite sites, Private Blog Networks, and other purposes. Auctions, dedicated search sites, and registrars can all help you find traffic-expiring domains.

Private Blog Network (PBN), is a network that links to other websites. Its primary objective is to promote the main site.

Satellite Site is an additional website that is frequently updated and contains content to promote the main site.

If you purchase expired domains, you automatically receive:

  • high quality external links, that have been up and running;
  • trust search engines;
  • a unique link profile, i.e. You will be the only one able to place links on satellites that your competitors can’t.

You can find resources for international domains,.net and org as well as regional expired domains available for purchase in this article.



“Expired domains Godaddy” is one the most common queries when searching for expired domains. Godaddy is a top-ofmind domain registrar that offers an auction.

how to use Godaddy service

The best thing about this service is its ability to select from a range of filters that you can use for the auction. You can filter domains that have expired by:

  • keywords;
  • domain zone (Extensions);
  • type (Expiring Activities, Public Purchase Now, etc;
  • domain categories (Attributes);
  • traffic;
  • domain Age.

Benefits. It is an excellent platform for searching expired domains with traffic or positions. You don’t have to change the domain registry if you buy an expired website. This means that your website will never go down. This is where you can purchase expired domains as well as register new domains as needed. You also have the option to use additional services offered by the domain registrar.


Another way to buy expired domains. This auction is also available. This is where you can place a domain backorder. Then, it’s time to start playing the lottery for expired domains. You can also find lists that contain a variety of expired domains in the most popular international zones. If you think you will find something, you are welcome to look at these lists.

how to use Dropcatch service

It offers easy filtering options and allows you to filter out domains that have expired. The Downloads tab is still a good option. This allows you to download expired lists of domains to further analyse with dedicated services.

This is probably the most used service. It’s quite different to the ones we listed above. This large-scale domain broker is available for free. This site allows you to find domains in a variety of domain zones.

The domains can be divided into two groups:

  1. List of deleted domains. These are domains which have been or are soon to be deleted.
  2. Marketplace domains include domains from multiple platforms that are collected together in one place. These domains are available for purchase at auction or at a lower price. Dropcatch and Godaddy can be purchased here as well.

Once you have opened the expired domains list you will see several columns with the following sorting options:

  • date domain expires;
  • by referring domains or pages;
  • size and quality, etc.

how to use Expireddomains service

Additionally, you can adjust some columns in your account to ensure that you only see what is necessary.

There are many filters available. You can filter using indicators such as Majestic and SEMRush usage, or other characteristics:

  • a domain name is a combination of words or symbols;
  • a domain name doesn’t contain any set of symbols or words;
  • site catalogues include domain information;
  • domain country;
  • the domain expires at the end of its term;
  • domain zones;
  • the number of referring domains/pages;
  • website name.

The list above only includes a portion of the features available on a dedicated website that allows you to search for expired domains.

how to use Expireddomains service

After domains are sorted and filter, you can view the expired domains listing. This is easily accessed from the website. Or you can download it in your preferred format. Note that the Download option is only available for new users after 2 weeks.


A great option for those who are constantly searching for expired domains with traffic. The paid service can reduce time spent on expired domains analysis, selection, and analysis. It is very similar to expireddomains in that it offers many more options for sorting, filtering, and analysis. Ahrefs can also be integrated. Spamzilla users can also access Ahrefs API to view the data. You can filter the data using other services, such as Majestic, MOZ or Semrush. Another advantage to such integration is the ability to select websites based on not only the language but also the number of anchor hyperlinks that refer to it.

how to use Spamzilla service

Searching by links is another benefit, namely:

  • by using a keyword in the link’s anchor;
  • you can include a specific domain if you are referring to an expiring domain;
  • a domain not included in the list is a domain that may have expired.

how to use Spamzilla service

It offers domain hunters who have expired domains the following benefits. It is the best option. You can gain more information about each domain from the site.

The expired domains list contains a variety of data that can be sorted into sections:

  1. Archive includes screenshots of Webarchive sites, which allow you to quickly see the site’s topic and verify if it has changed.
  2. Backlinks contains information about links in this format: referring Page – anchor (the exact same format as Ahrefs).
  3. Anchors. A list of anchors that were used to refer to the domain.
  4. Redirect lists all redirects available for the website.
  5. Ahrefs/Majestic provide information about domains that were uploaded to the relevant services.
  6. Drops includes information about changes to the NS address domain.
  7. Index displays the presence of domain pages in Google index.
  8. Ranking keywords are key phrases to help websites rank in Google.
  9. Lang History is a history of different language versions of the website.
  10. WHOIS History is the history and evolution of WHOIS.

The webmaster will find it much easier to analyze and choose domains from the many options. Our SEO specialists can help you to build your own PBN for your project.

Spamzille allows you to analyze your expired domains lists by any of the parameters. All you have to do is upload your list.

You can request assistance from our team, regardless of whether you are looking to purchase an expired domain name for your business or are already searching for one. Feel free to contact us online.