Local SEO Solutions: The Unrivaled Resource For Local SEO Strategies

Local businesses hear a lot of marketing strategies to make their store more visible to customers. But if you don’t consider local search engine optimization (SEO), you are missing out. Big time. Local SEO solutions will help you reach the customers most likely to shop in your local area. Local SEO strategies can help you grow your business year after year.

These 7 local SEO solutions will help you leverage your local SEO strategy

It’s crucial to leave no stone unturned when building your local SEO strategy.

Continue reading to find out seven local SEO strategies that will help you attract more customers than ever.

1. Claim your Google My Business Listing

This is a crucial step in local SEO. You won’t be able to appear on Google Maps or in the Local SEO 3-pack if you don’t claim your business.

google my business

Here’s an example for a local SEO 3-pack.

google my business top 3

You’ll need the following information to claim your Google business:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • Hours of operation
  • Images of your business
  • Logo
  • Payment methods
  • Services and products

To appeal to different customer types, you’ll need to give as much information as you can.

Not to mention, claiming your business for free! This is a great step to take!

2. Submit your info to online directories

As we said, the more you can claim the online real estate, the better. It’s a crucial local SEO factor to submit information to online directories.

As we have already mentioned, you will submit the same information to Google My Business that you would submit to Google My Business, including your company name, contact information, and hours of operation.

These directories contain sites such as:

  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • HubSpot
  • Yellow Book
  • Facebook
  • Apple Maps
  • Angie’s List

These directories will allow you to continue building your brand authority and attracting more customers to your local shopfront.

3. Social media presence:

You have even more online real property to grab with social media profiles! There are many ways to make your local SEO strategy more effective with your social media accounts.

Before you do anything, create social media profiles on platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

These are the top four social media channels that you can use to benefit your company. Good news! The good news? Each one is free to create an account!

Here are some ways that each social platform can aid your local SEO efforts.

  • Facebook: Facebook has the largest user base, with 2.38 trillion active users. You are missing a huge opportunity to build brand awareness among interested customers if you don’t have a Facebook account. Facebook’s local SEO benefits include the ability to have users check in to your business whenever they visit it — encouraging their friends to do so too. You can also post tons of photos of your business, products, and services to Facebook, in addition to flash sales and upcoming events.599Fashions’ Facebook page as an example.facebook business page
  • The cover photo features a picture of some of their clothing products in their brick-and-mortar store. It makes you want to go inside.Local businesses have a lot to gain from Facebook. It allows them to showcase what makes their brick-and-mortar store unique.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat allows users to snap a photo and share it with their friends. The only problem is that the photo will disappear forever after you have chosen the time period. There is also a messaging function and a “stories” function that allows users to post videos and images. Stories and messages disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat is a great tool for local SEO. Snapchat allows businesses to buy a geofilter that can be used only by users who are within your geofence.These geofilters are used to promote local events and create brand buzz.
  • Twitter: Twitter, like Facebook, is great for local businesses because of its large following. Twitter has 330,000,000 active monthly users and is a great place for an online presence. Twitter is limited to 280 character thoughts. However, it can help you build brand awareness and connect with customers through Twitter. Your followers can retweet your posts and you can upload pictures and videos. Twitter’s direct-messaging feature allows you to offer great customer service.
  • Insta: Insta is an image-based social networking platform that allows users to show off their brand’s personality. You can add captions to your posts but the photos and videos should be the main focus. With captions, you can post photos of your products and employees as well as your space. This will encourage people to visit your storefront. Instagram is similar to Snapchat in that it has a story feature. This allows you to “go Live” to discuss a product or promotion, or simply get closer to your followers.Instagram has a direct messaging feature.

4. Online interaction with customers

It doesn’t matter if you use social media to connect with customers directly or if you have a chatbot embedded on your website. What matters is that your customers interact online.

Local businesses are known for being caring and kind people who care about their customers. However, you cannot be called that if you don’t interact with them online.

You’ll need to reply to every message on social media as well as any email inquiry. But how do you start interactions with customers?

These are just a few of the options available:

  • Encourage your users to share their favorite products in the comments section of a social media post, and then reply to them
  • You can send email newsletters to encourage users to reply with any questions or concerns.
  • Online contests can be held and the winner will be announced on your platform.
  • Your humanist side will be displayed to your followers.

This company’s owner took the time to reflect on the award she received and customers responded!

Your customers will feel more at ease and familiar with you online. They’ll be more likely to recommend you to others and ultimately, to buy your products.

5. Local keywords can be used to optimize existing content

Keyword Targeting is essential to basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and equally important for local SEO.

A basic SEO campaign optimizes your content for keywords you want to rank high in search results. Local SEO is similar to the basic SEO campaign, but you optimize your content for specific keywords.

Here are some examples of local keywords:

  • Austin’s women’s clothing boutique
  • Downtown Johnstown Flower Shop
  • Portland sporting goods

These keywords are “local” keywords because they include a specific location.

Optimizing your content with local keywords can help it rank higher in search results for people searching for those terms.

This means that you can claim a spot on the SEO 3-pack for your local area (by claiming Google My Business) or in organic search results.

These local keywords should also be used in the title tags as well as the meta description of your page.

6. Online reviews are important!

Did you know that 88% people trust online reviews more than a personal recommendations? This is a huge number, which means customers’ opinions about your business are important to other customers.

Regardless of whether you are positive or negative, it is important to monitor and respond.

If they are positive, you can reply with:

  • Hi, [name!] Thank you so much for reviewing our [product]. We are so glad you love it!
  • We knew that you would love this product! We appreciate your feedback!
  • Thank you for sharing, [name] Did you know we have a similar product coming out in March?

Although it can be more difficult to respond to negative reviews than positive ones, you should. These are some possible ways to respond to a negative review.

  • Hi, [name] We are sorry for the bad experience. We are sorry that you had a bad experience. Please call us immediately at [phone number] to get it fixed!
  • Oh no! This is not what we intended! We are happy to issue a refund if you contact our customer service team at [email]

It might seem difficult to respond to negative reviews, but there are some things you can do.

  • Potential customers can see all of your responses. This means that they may use your replies to customers to get a better impression of your business. Don’t say anything that might hurt the impression of your business to potential customers.
  • Remember that “the customer is always right.”
  • Talk calmly to customers who are lying about your company.
  • Give them a contact number. It shows you are interested in solving the problem by providing contact information.

7. Geofencing advertising

Geofencing is the best local SEO solution because it attracts customers who are close to you and allows you to steal customers from competitors.

This sounds like the ideal local SEO strategy. Keep reading!

Competitor Geofencing Advertising is available to any business. However, it’s especially useful for local businesses. Here’s how it works

  • Your business is surrounded by a virtual line
  • Your company is notified when a customer crosses, stays within, or leaves that boundary.

Geofencing can be a great way for customers to notice your business.

Let’s take, for example, a sushi restaurant. You have claimed your GMB listing and also created a geofencing program. If a customer walks along the street and enters your Geofence, and happens to be looking for sushi restaurants, an advertisement will show up in search engines.

These ads are very cost-effective as they are only shown to customers most likely to click them, those who live near your company.

Geofencing can be used to outwit your competitors. Let’s take, for example, a new sushi restaurant that opens down the street. To trigger advertising for your restaurant, you can create a geofence that surrounds their location.

Sneaky, huh?

Local SEO is essential for every local business

Choosing local SEO solutions will undoubtedly help take your business to the next stage in a number of ways. Let’s start by determining if your business qualifies as a local one before we get into the why.

What is considered a local business?

Before we get started, you might be wondering if your brick-and-mortar business qualifies for local status. Local businesses are:

  • Locally owned brick and mortar business
  • A corporate business that has multiple locations. Each of these locations is considered a local business.

Congratulations if your business falls under one of these categories! Local SEO solutions can be applied to your business if it falls within one of these categories.

Local SEO solutions are crucial for local businesses

Now for the good stuff.

Local SEO is essential for your local business.

It’s simple: without them, customers won’t be able to find you online and, consequently, won’t be able to visit your storefront, or buy your products.

If you don’t include SEO strategies within your marketing efforts, it’s up to your customers to find you.

Without local SEO solutions, your customers won’t find your business if they pass it on the street.

Local SEO lets your business appear in Google search results as well as Google Maps, so you can reach customers who live nearby:

  • Visit your local area from outside of town
  • Plan a trip to your region
  • You may be walking down the street but not knowing about your business
  • You are a resident of your community, but you do not know about your business.

Local SEO solutions can help you reach more customers to grow your brick-and-mortar store.

Local SEO solutions offer many benefits

We’ve helped you to determine if you are a local business and we’ve also shared the importance of local SEO solutions. Now it’s time for us to share the amazing benefits that local SEO can bring you.

Let’s get started.

1. Brand awareness is built

Local SEO solutions will exponentially increase your brand awareness.

Local search engine optimization can help your business take up valuable online real estate, such as Google search results, Google Maps, and local listing websites.

You can make your brand more visible online by allowing customers to find you more easily.

2. Your competition has a fighting chance

Your competition may already use local SEO solutions in order to reach customers. Problem? They have the same customers like you, and they are your competitors.

It is important to keep up with your competitors by appearing in the same search results (and ranking higher) as well as showing up in Google Maps.

The most important thing? It is important to make sure you choose local SEO, and that your listings are consistent across all platforms.

It’s certain that your competitors will outrank you if you use local SEO.

3. You can take control of your audience

Local SEO solutions allow you to target people based on their location. Local SEO can help you reach people closest to you, get them into your store, increase sales, and make it more profitable.

Because of the targeting options, local SEO solutions allow you to have more control over who visits your store. You might have less foot traffic without them.

Three bonus tips to make your local SEO strategy a success

Check out these local SEO tips to help you create the best local strategy.

1. Be consistent in all of your listings

Consistency is the key to local SEO. It is important to be consistent in your local SEO efforts. You could cause confusion and even lead customers to distrust your business. You don’t want potential customers to be frustrated.

Make sure your store name, address, and phone number are consistent across all platforms. Your Google My Business profile information must match listings in local directories and your social media profiles.

2. Add location pages to your website

Local SEO is more than just Google My Business. You can take the initiative to create pages on your website that target specific keywords such as “ski resorts”

google my business top 3

These separate pages will allow you to rank in both organic search results on Google and in the local SEO 3-pack.


On this search results page, you will see both the local SEO 3-pack and organic results. The organic result just below the local SEO block shows a page that targets keywords “Mount Joy”, PA, and “bakery”.

The bakery can steal more real estate and gain more customers as a result.

The better the real estate,

3. Encourage positivity

Positive reviews from satisfied customers will increase the likelihood that other customers will purchase from you. You can also integrate star reviews to your Google My Business profile. This will let you show how previous customers feel about your store and products.

A great review is a sign that you trust your customers and are satisfied. The more reviews, the better.

There are many ways to encourage satisfied customers to review your business:

  • Ask customers to leave a business card at your register asking them to review your business online and receive a discount on their next order
  • Include a link to your review site in an email receipt.
  • In your email newsletters, provide a link for subscribers to your website.

Do you need a local SEO service provider that is one-stop?

It can be difficult to keep up with your local business if you own it. We recommend working with UAATEAM, a local SEO agency if you are serious about local SEO and want to see real results.

Here are some examples of the services we offer as part of our local SEO packages:

  • Local SEO Expert
  • UAATEAM representatives are available (Google, Bing SMB, and Facebook).
  • Keyword research in your area
  • Title and meta optimization
  • Quarterly SEO copy and GMB posts with locally optimized terms
  • Management of Citations
  • Notifications of reviews/social interactions across all profiles
  • Monthly reporting calls
  • Monthly reports on local SEO

UAATEAM offers client-managed local SEO services which allow you to take control of your company’s SEO strategies.

UAATEAM can help you with your local SEO efforts, or you can have it done for you by someone else.

Our team holds a number of certifications that make them one of the top-of-the-best, including our Google Premier Partnership and our Google Cloud Partnership.

Every employee is Google Analytics certified. This allows us to pull and explain custom SEO reports that will help you better understand your campaign. We interpret local SEO reports to help improve your campaign, drive better results and grow your business.

This is not all. Marketing is essential for any business owner. We offer every type of marketing strategy.

We also offer the following services if you are interested in taking on your local business:

We are eager to help you get started with SEO in your area or any of our other marketing strategies.

For more information, feel free to contact us.