Digital advertising trends 2020

Every year advertising trends in digital are changing in the most unexpected way. Some small tools becoming more popular and big companies decided to spend huge budgets on them, others – staying in the same positions or going out of media plans.

Let’s see some trends, which will be popular in 2020.

Voice search

Voice messages enrage. But at the same time, they are handier when you’re driving or going from the shop with bags in your hands. This is one point. The second one: people are lazy. This is why the voice search is going to be more and more popular. Because it’s easy to say something to google and not type it. Do you remember the perfect burger king advertising with a voice search? They just show us an example of how to get more from voice search and play out of the frame.

Personalization in advertising 

Ads becoming more personal. Nobody loves general ad creatives, but people react to ads when it is talking to them and saying about things that are important for them.
“Are you 27y.o. and living in CA? We have the best insurance offer for you!”
“Good insurances here. Click!”

It’s easy to target users in FB or Insta by age and choose their location. More – your creativity and fantasy. 

Shoppable posts

The Instagram shoppable feature changed the shopping process in social networks and increase the revenue of brands. We have several projects when this feature helps us make sales on 30 000 EUR more. Just 1 feature!

Now it’s available in posts, stories and in influencers posts. Use more features – get more sales.

Micro influencers

They are cheaper than big celebrities but can give you more. People believe rather their close friends not influencers with 2M subscribers. Be honest: on account with 1-2 M subscribers and more work big team to support it and making money. 

Micro-influencers – is trends from 2019 which is going to be more popular in 2020. Check Engagement Rate and not see on the number of subscribers.

There are several things which micro-influencers will give you:
– they can be your brand advocates;

– they are loyal;

– they really have influence;

– they are trusted;

– they are brand relevant;

difference between influencers size

Direct messaging

Brands are moving their communication in DM to be closer. They assisting sales and provide customer support. Brands are building strong communication with customers in WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber etc.
There is one stipulation – users have to message brand first.
This technique works well when you involve users to communicate with you by providing them with an exclusive deal or coupon code.

direct messages trend

So direct messaging is really the hottest trend of 2020. 

Email marketing 

Clear and interactive emails becoming more and more popular. As more people using messengers as more, they use emails too. 

Brands creating new email forms and methods to communicate with people. It should be not spam, but really useful content.
It’s not enough to use web templates from email services. You have to think and really develop each email.


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