The Best Christmas Commercials 2021

It’s Christmas soon. And all the companies started to prepare their Christmas commercials. Usually, these are sensual stories that can touch your heart.

Many brands use the holiday season to wish their audience a happy holiday, increase brand awareness and build goodwill in the process. Others aim to sell a product or more overtly promote the brand because it’s the biggest sale season of the year!

We collected some most powerful Christmas commercials for you.  Enjoy!

John Lewis – Unexpected Guest. Christmas ad 2021

What happens when an unexpected guest lands in your forest?  You show them how Christmas is done, of course! ? This year we’re celebrating the magic of Christmas through the eyes of our intrepid space traveller Skye. After seeing her ship land, Nathan befriends her and introduces her to the joy of festive traditions.

THE STEPDAD | Disney Christmas Advert 2021

At the heart of the story is a very special storybook – a precious item belonging to Max from his birth father. The book celebrates the power of storytelling and how it can deepen family bonds; as the family are shown delighting in the magic of Disney storytelling, beautiful animation springs off the pages, igniting the true spirit of Christmas. Follow their emotional journey as we see them combine existing festive traditions with wonderful new ones. We hope you enjoy this special Christmas ad, celebrating the joy that the stepdads of the world bring us.

Barbour Christmas Advert 2021 | Paddington, Please Look After This Bear

This Christmas we are celebrating 100 years of re-waxing and giving the gift of kindness at Christmas time with the help of Michael Bond’s beloved bear, Paddington. Share our Christmas film with someone that means the most!

Make Christmas Spectacular | Asda Christmas TV Advert 2021

This year at Asda, we are celebrating the Spectacular with the launch of our new show-stopping 2021 Christmas Ad. Our ‘Asda on Ice’ campaign showcases the magic in all the moments which make up the most wonderful time of year.

Christmas 2021 Ad | Best Bit of Christmas | Waitrose

Festive moments are wonderful but the best bit of Christmas is the food… This year’s Christmas ad stars Ashley Jensen, showing that the best bit of Christmas is the food, especially when your mince pies are Heston’s and your prosciutto is infused with truffle.

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us | Tesco

After last year, we’re determined to make it a good one. This Christmas, nothing stops us!

Aldi Christmas Launch Advert 2021

Will Ebanana Scrooge discover his Christmas spirit?

Imaginary Iggy | Christmas | McDonald’s UK

The work from Leo Burnett agency for MCDonalds. Feel the Christmas spirit.

Coca-Cola | Chimney | Real Magic

And finally the advert from the brand which gives us Christmas spirit each year – Coca Cola.

This year serves as a reminder that the Real Magic of the holiday does not come from presents and gifts, it comes from shared special moments together. Coca-Cola. Real Magic.