Many site owners or novice optimizers are interested in the question – what affects the speed of SEO Promotion? This question is logical because everyone wants to quickly get to the TOP. Although SEO does not like to rush, there are at least 5 factors that can slow down the promotion even more:

  • Technical SEO;
  • Lack of qualification for SEO job;
  • Lack of niche and SEO marketing strategy analysis;
  • Incorrect site structure;
  • Budget.

Now let’s go through all the aspects in more detail.


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the website with errors affect the timing of its promotion

In the IT industry, it happened so that site developers are practically not versed in SEO. After the approval of the project and the decision to promote it, it turns out that the site has a lot of SEO errors that must be corrected, otherwise it will be almost impossible to promote it.

The main question is – can this be avoided? If the SEO optimizer works in tandem with the programmer, then of course it can. The problem is that IT companies do not work like this, and if they do, then for a decent amount.


Many site owners collect key queries from Google Keyword Planner, insert them into meta tags, hire a copywriter for articles, publish and get backlinks, and begin to consider they have the “greatest qualification for SEO job”.

It seems to be simple, but it’s not SEO at all. This science is based on small things and hundreds of books have been written for each section thereof. Even after learning the whole theory, it is impossible to say with certainty that it will be suitable for a specific project. Here you need experience and a trained eye.

Therefore, even if you know the whole theory of promotion, but do not have successful cases – it is better to immediately turn to the pros, the result will be much faster.


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The lack of niche and strategy analysis affects the timing of website promotion

Niche analysis allows you to understand whether the promotion will be long, complex, or expensive.

How to quickly check it: you need to study the competitors who occupy the TOP 10. If their level is so high that the sites are 20 years old, they have 1000 links, millions of articles, and other factors, then no matter what the budget for promotion is, you will not be able to quickly take this TOP place for the same keys. Let’s say more, this is generally a recipe for disaster.

However, if you do not go head-on to the TOP 10 with strong competitors, but go around, the result will be much faster. But here you need to think through a strategy – use low-frequency queries, look for the weaknesses of competitors, etc.


A properly created site structure and the most relevant key queries are already half the success for achieving results in promotion.

promote your webisite


What does correct website structure mean? Let’s explain with an example: let’s say we are promoting a page of a website selling dry dog food. The competition level here is high, so it is not realistic to advance on high-frequency (HF) queries. If we have one page, it will not be enough to promote on low-frequency queries (LF), since there will be very little traffic/sales from several LF.

But by making a system of filtering by breed, age, and characteristics of the dog and collecting all the relevant semantics, you can get such a large number of LF that not a single HF pales before it.

The correct structure of the site consists of its widest possible breakdown into categories and filtering, by which you can collect LF queries. If you do this at the beginning of the promotion, the result will be much faster than if you break the existing structure in the process.


A small budget affects the timing of website promotion.

Website owners who want to order SEO, do not understand that with a budget of 100 USD/month it will be impossible to quickly take a good position in a competitive niche.

The cost of promotion is calculated on an individual basis, and if the recommended budget is not enough, then there can be no question of speed.

If you take the average case, then to get into the TOP 3, you need to count on about 5000 USD per month when promoting five pages, each of which has about eight keys.

We emphasize that this is only an average budget, which strongly depends on the competition in the niche, the level, and number of keywords.