Los Angeles, US
Key features of the project:
  • tough competition
  • high cost-per-click
  • high cost-per-action

Advertising campaigns were launched in October 2018


# Problems

to increase traffic, to increase the number of requests and calls, to reduce the average cost-per-lead

# Solutions

Initially, all previously launched campaigns were analysed. Keyword effectiveness and search requests were scrutinised together with the efficiency of ads, geotargeting and devices. 

The analysis of the previously launched campaigns found out some inaccuracies affecting campaigns efficiency.

There was an ad group with excessive number of keywords.

There were no device bid adjustments.

Having analysed the inaccuracies in the previously launched campaigns, new campaigns with broadened semantic core were set up. Efficient solutions, such as low CPC keywords, targeting the radius around the location and nearest radius, the negative keyword list were added from the initial campaigns. The negative keyword list was expanded, device bid adjustments were added together with ads extensions relevant for catering service. 

Keyword bids were adjusted proceeding from the cost-per-conversion, ad position and impression share. 

We also adjusted bids for some areas close to Los Angeles considering the number of conversions and their cost. 

Two Google Search campaigns targeting LA, including targeting the radius in the city centre and nearest areas, were launched. Further on, we removed high-cost areas without conversions and adjusted some bids.

We also used competitor targeting considering location and specification. Having tested those ad groups, we got an extremely high cost-per-conversion because service type (other types of food) didn’t match, which meant that customers were more likely to search for  the competitor’s type of service solely.

Judging from the first data received, the efficiency of the new campaigns proved to be significantly higher. The number of clicks and conversions  together with conversion rate increased while cost-per-conversion decreased. 


Google Analytics

Google Ads

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  • More than

    267%increase in the number of conversions

  • Less than

    51%decrease in cost-per-conversion

  • More than

    41%increase in conversion rate

  • More than

    133%increase in traffic

  • More than

    13%increase in CTR

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