Main features
  • Huge cost per lead and a small number of leads (registrations to a webinar);
  • High competition among training companies and coaching to sell on Amazon;
  • Advertising campaigns in English with geo for Australia and New Zealand

Advertising campaigns were launched March 2020

Website: amzeasyautomation.com.au

# Problems

Increase the number of leads and decrease their cost; Increase reach and expand audiences.

# Solutions

The client had been launching ad campaigns before working with us. On the one hand, this gave us the opportunity to analyze the results that were and identify the main mistakes. On the other hand, we needed to select new audiences in a rather specific niche and scale the number of registrations at a much lower cost.

Before launching new campaigns, we checked the website’s performance and registration for the webinar, the presence of the Facebook Pixel code, and the correct processing of Pixel’s events. We also analyzed the audience for which the client was targeted and placements that brought the most leads at a lower cost.

When a client came to us, the price per lead in his advertising campaigns reached more than $50. Reach for the week was just over 23 160 users, and the number of ad impressions was about 33 650. The average CTR was 0.49%. The number of leads per week was 16.

In the first week of working with the client’s ad campaigns, we managed to increase the number of leads by 212.50% and reduce the cost per lead by 68.00%. Despite this, user coverage rates decreased by 16.98%. Impressions also fell by 21.61%. But CTR increased by 55.24%.

After that, we prepared various options for target audiences based on interests, look-alike audiences and audiences for re-targeting. At the time of launching advertising campaigns, we didn’t have fundamentally new advertising images, videos, and texts. Therefore, it was decided to use images and videos that were previously used in the client’s advertising campaigns. Advertising texts (headings and descriptions) we have changed a little. After that, we created an advertisement with all the necessary settings.

First, we launched an advertising campaign with four ad groups: for those who are interested in business on Amazon and for look-alike audiences for those who have already registered for the webinar. Separate ad groups have been launched for Australia and New Zealand. We also refused automatic placements at the initial stage and set up placements manually, and excluded old devices and OS’s to get the minimum cost per conversion and the maximum number of registrations.
Also, we set remarketing audiences and launched a campaign for retargeting people who interacted with our landing page but did not register for a webinar.

Regular optimization of advertising campaigns allowed us to get a significant increase in the number of leads at a fairly low cost. Because advertising showed good results, it was decided to double the budget.

Throughout the time we work with the project, we test and launch various options for audiences by interests, look-alike audiences, placements, in order to further reduce the cost per lead and increase their number.


As we can see, our comprehensive approach together with effective advertising strategy produced positive results and it still continues to grow. We do our best and we have new variants of audiences and a way to scale our results.



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  • More than

    180%Reach increase

  • More than

    48%CTR increase

  • More than

    1310%More leads

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