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Is Email Marketing still effective in 2022?

Is Email Marketing still effective in 2022 Some people have given up email marketing to embrace digital marketing, due to the popularity of social media and other online channels. Email marketing is still one of the most efficient and simple ways to market your business online. There are 4 benefits to email marketing These are […]

The Best Christmas Commercials

The Best Christmas Commercials 2021 It’s Christmas soon. And all the companies started to prepare their Christmas commercials. Usually, these are sensual stories that can touch your heart. Many brands use the holiday season to wish their audience a happy holiday, increase brand awareness and build goodwill in the process. Others aim to sell a […]

How much to spend on SEO

SEO budget strategies that work for you It can be difficult to figure out how much you should spend on SEO, especially if you have been thinking of organic traffic in a ‘free’ way. The steady rise in SEO spending is a sign that marketers are realizing the importance of SEO in helping potential customers […]

How to setup cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics 4

Note: This guide is a Cross-domain tracking guide to Universal Analytics. Cross-domain tracking in UA is something you’re probably familiar with. Most configurations are done at the code level (e.g. In gtag.js or in GTM(GA tags). Many web analysts and marketers were confused by this confusion. Google Analytics 4 has made things much easier. This guide will demonstrate how […]

7 reasons to use Email Marketing in 2022

Introduction Marketers have incredible resources and the pace at which innovation is happening is amazing. According to VentureBeat, there are 1,876 companies in 43 marketing categories including SEO, social media, video marketing, and sales enablement. Moreover, many categories were not included in the report a year ago. Only one category performs well year after year: Email marketing. Email marketing […]

UAATEAM Wins Clutch Recognition for Best Ukrainian PPC Company

UAATEAM Wins Clutch Recognition for Best Ukrainian PPC Company With different platforms and digital marketing strategies popping up left and right, pay-per-click (PPC) has been overshadowed and overlooked by most businesses. Most marketing professionals believe that PPC is something that can elevate your business’ market position. Here at UAATEAM, we provide complex solutions in digital […]

Digital marketing budgets allocation infographic

Digital marketing budgets allocation infographic No doubt that digital marketing budgets have already outdo the costs of all other advertising and marketing methods. All advertisers look for their target audience in search engines, apps, social networks, games, news sites, etc. We have collected in one infographic various statistics on the distribution of budgets for Internet […]